6 Amazing Advantages of Marble Slabs

The world of marble slabs is still very much around in spite of many contemporary options in the market. Since olden times, the stone has become the cynosure of all eyes. Its unique white color was appealing to the eyes as thee stone imparted shine and luster to the buildings across the world. People can easily install these marble slabs in their kitchen and they can use the slab as their counter top. Eve they can chop the vegetables on these slabs and they can easily clean the marble slabs…

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What you Need to Know About Applying for the Australian PR

Immigration Lawyers Adelaide

For PR (permanent resident), Australia is one of the leading countries to apply for a visa. It has prepared various visa categories to provide permanent residency to selected candidates, i.e. sub-class 189 visas, sub-class 190 visas etc. ¬†You must follow a point-based immigration system, to apply for the utmost of this permanent residence visa. Australia’s point-based immigration system determines your eligibility for PR Visas, which you set based on the score for main selection factors, such as age, language, proficiency, work experience, qualification etc.

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