Device Management and Organizational Efficiency in India

Device Management and Organizational Efficiency

Devices as entities exist everywhere. Right now, you’re probably reading this on yet another device, in comfort of your own home or the office. Devices – be it mobiles, tablets, laptops or even intelligent office infrastructure like cameras, printers, smart boards – have become ubiquitous in the modern workplace. While traditional businesses may continue the practice of providing employees with company devices, SMBs and startups rely on the ‘BYOD’ (Bring your own device) method, where they routinely share a lot of organisational and other data on personal machines. The consumer…

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5 Tips for Using Rental Storage Units

rental storage

There are things that you should know in case that you want to rent some storage unit. People need extra space, and that is the main reason why theydecision to rent one. However, we are not here to present you benefits and ideas why you should take storage unit. We want to help you with our tips how to protect your belongings which are the main reason why you rented the unit in the first place. We present you tips for using rental storage units so that you can keep…

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