Smartphones and Students: Pros & Cons

Smartphones and Students

A smartphone is more than just a phone in today’s world. With the functionalities it handles, it can be termed more as a personal computer rather than just a device to make calls. Smartphones enable the user to access the internet, send and receive emails, messenger, and social media platforms, all kinds of media and more. With so many functionalities, it is debatable if a smartphone is truly good for a student or not. We have essentially reached a time wherein we cannot live without a smartphone as everything is…

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Online Tools That John Eilermann St. Louis Suggests To Let Your Fundraising Event Achieve Targets

Non-profit organizations have had to work a lot harder earlier than they have to now in order organize fundraising events and make the most out of it. Earlier they had to do campaigns on their own, and there was not one who could take the responsibility and share their burden. There was mostly some outdated toolkit which had some confused CRM systems that were mainly designed for the sales department, and the non-profit organizations had to make the best use of them. However, John Eilermann St. Louis states that there…

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Shahriar Ekbatani Advices How to Live Healthier In Moderation without Feeling Guilty

How to Live Healthier In Moderation

Living a healthy lifestyle has become essential these days as lifestyle diseases have become an epidemic. Although our life expectancy has increased, yet it has become a life full of diseases and ailments. As per Shahriar Ekbatani that often these diseases start earlier than expected due to the heavily polluted atmosphere and the lack of pure food devoid of chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides. In such a scenario, having a healthier lifestyle has become absolutely essential to keep diseases at bay. Diseases like cancer, diabetes, asthma and cardiac problems have spread…

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The Secret to Gaining a Large Number of Followers on Instagram

Social media has been used for active business promotion. Different social media platforms are there, and for business marketing popular social media platforms are used. There are some popular social media platforms available, and they are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All these social media websites come with wide ranges of features as well as facilities for social communications. Business owners take the opportunity of exploring these social media platform for the business marketing purposes. To make business marketing more productive, you need to opt for enhancing a number of social media…

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