Fast EaseUS Data Recovery Solution for Customers –A Preview

Data Recovery Solution

Regularly, you must manage your database by removing irrelevant or junk files. This data shifting process is simple and less time consuming. You relocate your existing files in the recycling bin. This message relocation or data deletion is understandable. However, many of young remote workers are not sure about the innovative method of data recovery from the recycle bin which is cleaned.  EaseUS has launched the custom device compatible data recovery software to help people to collect deleted texts without changing its sizes. Fast Data Recovery with Ease US Lost files are…

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How Can Call Centres Reduce Agent Attrition Rate?

reputed call centre uk

Nowadays, workforce attrition is nothing less than a nightmare for any business. This is especially true for BPO firms because they have been dealing with high agent turnover rate for the last couple of years. The main reason behind this is stressful & monotonous daily tasks which are supposed to be done by agents on the regular basis. To reduce high agent attrition rate, call centres have been putting more than enough efforts to ensure a long-term relationship with agents. Most of the BPO firms have adopted automation technology to…

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