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5 Gadgets to Make Your Flights Better

Long distance flights can be boring to say the least. This is especially true if you do not know how exactly to make things better for yourself and others you might be flying with.  However, there are a few things you could take with you to help make things better and your flight enjoyable. Here are 5 gadgets you should have for a more enjoyable flight: –

  1. Aviator laptop stand

You might want to use your laptop a bit while on your flight but if you are tall, you might find it hard to do this especially when the passenger in front of you has reclined his or her seat. To help you not slump down your seat, you can comfortably use a laptop stand to at least raise your laptop a few inches so you can see what exactly you are working on. The Aviator Laptop stand helps you use your laptop without contorting your lower spine and can be carried along easily without any stress. The plastic laptop stand is easy to assemble and disassemble.

  1. Trtl pillow

Soft travel pillows are an absolute necessity when you are flying for long. Trtl pillow is one of the best options to pick among many others especially due to its size and comfort levels. The tablet-size travel neck pillow is scarf-shaped and this helps provide better support to the head and neck compared to the traditional U-shaped pillows. The pillow is made of stretchy foam and soft fleece material. It wraps well around the neck, shoulder and neck.

  1. Retime Glasses

Jet lag is a common problem if you are in a long haul flight. In addition, you also find it hard to adjust to the new time zones especially if you are flying abroad and to a different time zone than your current one. With the Retimer glasses though, it will be easier for your body to adjust quickly and also eliminate the unpleasant jet lag. The glasses gradually change the level of light exposure that the eyes are exposed at different hours of the day. The glasses are basically lightweight and come with a rechargeable battery. You can use the USB port to charge them.

  1. Knee defender

If you have ever had the passenger in front of you recline their seat in a way that knocks against your knees, then you understand how stressful and uncomfortable this can be. However, you can use knee defender to prevent this from happening thus allowing the seat in front of you to recline without hurting your knees or limiting the space available to you. The gadget also has a “courtesy card” to politely help inform the passenger in front of what is happening and also give them a chance to tell you whenever they need to recline their seat during the flight.

  1. Noise cancellation headphones

Resting while in your flight is very important but this is very hard as you might already know if you are a frequent traveler. Noise cancellation headphones are essential as they perfectly do what the name suggests thus helping you sleep and rest well while travelling. There are many options available but Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic headphones are perfect for noise cancellation especially that which is made by fellow passengers and the plane.

There are many other cool gadgets you might need to consider but the ones highlighted above will definitely make your flight better. As you plan for other things, don’t forget to look for the best soft travel pillows especially if travelling for long.

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