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5 Super Weird Android Applications That Make No Sense At All

Some people are so creative, they come up with fancy app ideas every now and then. And then comes the crazy for development android app programmers. Meaningful or pointless, they can nail every of your weird app idea into a full-fledged application.

Inheritx brings you a list of ten super weird Android applications that are dorky, funny, fancy and unimaginable. Android app development products that are weird and makes no sense at all.

5 super weird applications developed by Android app develop company.

  1. Textstats

Believe it or not, an adult on an average sends a hundred texts a day which makes it three thousand messages per month, and 6 billion text messages in a day collectively.

Texting has evolved as the primary means of communication even replacing calls, especially for the millennials. And to keep a track of all the text messages you send, a certain android app making company came up with Textstats. This application shows you the total number of apps sent and received in the form of beautiful graphs and also show you your most used words.

  1. Fake call

Now this absolutely pointless application is not used for whimsical pleasures at all. I mean you can do it if you want yourself to call yourself and hear your voice talking to your voice but the entire thing is weird, isn’t it?

Basically fake call saves you from situations and places you would like to avoid and gives you a narrow escape. How? Well, simply schedule a fake call and it will ring exactly the time you want it to ring and this saves you from awkward situations.

  1. Sleep sheep

What do you do when you can’t sleep? Keep your phone away and try to sleep, that’s what we’ve been said? But with Sleep sheep, a mobile application helps you to sleep. You are required to count sheep jumping over a fence. By the time you reach 100, you get so bored, you automatically doze off. We don’t know if it works or not but you can, may be try downloading since its free.

  1. iBear Free

There are so many people, Android Application Development Company designed this app for. They fall in the category of

  1. Teetotallers
  2. People trying to quit alcohol.
  3. People who are too broke to buy beer.
  4. People avoiding social gatherings but wants to have the feel of emptying a pitcher.
  5. People who want to drink and drive without getting fined.

And so with iBeer Free you can virtually fill your beer with phone, tilt your phone to ‘drink’ it, and get a complimentary burp.

  1. Ghost hunting tools (Detector)

Accept it or not, we all have been heavily intrigued at the very idea of ghosts and spirits.

This Ghost hunting tool detector application uses tools like EMF meters and EVP detectors (the ones used by professional ghost hunters) and reads fluctuations in the electromagnetic fields to detect the presence of ghosts around. The EVP, Electromagnetic voice phenomena records grunts, words or simple sentences, the ones that cannot be heard by naked ears.

However strange your app idea is, we at inheritx are passionate for application development. Share your weird app ideas with us and get on board as we continue to enthrall users with more such bizarre apps.

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