5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Moving Truck Rentals

Moving to a new household or new small business place, renting a moving truck can save you from a couple of bucks for cost in moving expenses. There are thousands of truck rental companies nowadays compared before, beside truck rentals are now available for the in-town, one-way moving process, or even a two-way moving process, and most of these companies offer a different kind of vehicles that will match your needs.

But of course, before signing a deal with any suv and truck car rentals companies out there, there are things you might need to consider in order for you to have a smooth moving experience.

  1. Check the Moving Truck Sizes

If your new place is just a small apartment with one or two rooms of appliances and furniture, a small trucker will be the best suit for the moving process. If your new place is a bit larger, trucks with sizes of 16 to 26 feet is also a good option.

It is always the best option to rent a larger truck compared to having two or more trips, so make sure to check the truck sizes and estimate it with the count of your appliances and furniture.

  1. Truck for Self Drive

If you prefer a self-drive type of renting, you must first check the variety of moving and cargo trucks that are available on the rental companies. Before signing any rental agreement with the provider, make sure to try seating first on the driver’s seat of the truck, check if you are comfortable or not.

Some moving trucks don’t have automatic transmissions, that’s why it is best for you to check the truck before renting. If you rented a large moving truck, make sure to practice it until you get comfortable.

  1. Check the Moving Insurance

When renting a moving truck, you must check its moving insurance. Know the coverage of the insurance during the process of your move. Some insurance can cover not only the vehicles but also some liabilities, like your belongings in case of an accident or damage during the transit.

It’s given that your personal auto insurance won’t cover you during the moving truck rental, so make sure to buy another policy for your peace of mind.

  1. Know the Best Rental Rates

Rental rates may vary depending on the rental companies and the truck you’re going to rent out. The rate is also dependable based on the schedule such as weekdays, weekends, or holidays. It is important to ask the rental companies about their rates for different rates and so on.

In addition, renting during the weekdays is much cheaper compared to weekends. When estimating the duration of your move, be realistic, make sure to compare the cost of renting for an extra day. Sometimes, others won’t charge you if you return the vehicle earlier than expected.

  1. Always Check The Status of The Truck

Before signing any rental agreement, make sure you check the overall status of the truck. Most rental companies will do a quick overall inspection prior to the rental agreement.

An inspection should consist of the following:

  • Checking current damages or scratches (physically)
  • The truck exterior and interior status
  • The tires status
  • Windshield glass and other truck features

Jot down or take a picture of any damages you both (rental company) have seen to make sure that you won’t be charged for any mishaps you didn’t cause.

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