6 Pillars Of Amazon Product Listing Optimisation To Get Success

6 Pillars Of Amazon Product Listing Optimisation To Get Success

Amazon product listing optimisation is a very important task that makes sure the seller is getting maximum revenue out of his business and products or services. Be it an entrepreneur or experienced businessman, to reach to maximum potential customers on Amazon platform, outsourcing product upload services is the most promising option.

Check out 6 pillars of Amazon product listing optimisation to get success:

Product Title

  • Always remember that your words will be read by humans not just only by search engine bots. Thus, it is very important to create an attractive and understandable product title which will also have keywords.
  • Include the product’s benefit or USP in the product title which will persuade the customer to buy the product. Mention product’s size, colour, style or other necessary factors that differentiate it from others.
  • SEO keywords are very important and can create massive impact as compared to description & features and must be placed rightly in the title.

Product Images

  • Amazon images should be 1000px in width and 500px in height or can be more than described. This helps your customers to zoom in without hassle.
  • Opt for professional photography to get high-resolution images.
  • The main image on Amazon should have a plain white background and no watermarks.
  • Show your product from different angles to have a better explanation of the product.
  • Show the product’s packaging.
  • It is better to show some lifestyle images or images where used by the customer.

Key Product Features

Try to answer some of the questions when describing a product through key product features:

  • How it is solving the customer’s problem?
  • What differentiates your product from others?
  • Why should they buy your product over the competitors?

Not just features but also try to answer their objections that are put up by the product owners. Also, don’t forget to mention any guarantees or warranty on the product.

Product Listing Description

Content marketing is one of the most crucial parts of product upload services and Amazon product listing optimisation services. Here are some quick points to follow to win the situation on the Amazon platform:

  • Keep the product descriptions precise with 30-40 words
  • Lead the sentence with features and benefits and then follow it with uses and related factors.
  • Make the consumer or customer believe that your product is something they need now.
  • Use a lucrative language to hinder any confusion.
  • Include your target keywords but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Use a storytelling approach to sell your product.

Amazon Product Reviews

Amazon has banned incentivized reviews but there are still some things that you should try:

  • Send automated email campaigns to the recent customer who bought your product and also follow up emails.
  • Encourage seller feedback and product reviews.
  • Encourage customer reviews by awarding your customer with gift vouchers, discounts and offers.

Amazon Product Rating

When you outsource Amazon product listing optimisation services, you can gather positive reviews and encourage customers to get good product ratings through email campaigns.

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