7 Simple Tips for Improving Local SEO for Your Small Business

7 Simple Tips for Improving Local SEO for Your Small Business

Majority of the online businesses, now-a-days practice SEO to churn the odds for bringing out favorable outcomes. Focusing specifically on small and local businesses, more emphasis is laid on local SEO that promises increased exposure among the local potential customers. With search engines becoming more and more vigilant towards offering the users with the most relevant results that are personalized depending on their browsing behavior, search history and location, it is essential to utilize proven local SEO strategies to dominate in the online world or hire an SEO expert who can perform all those activities for you and get your desired results.

Sharing with you here are seven simple tips to conquer the local results and rank higher or your local competitors will do so:

  • Impactful Title and Meta Description – Title and Meta Description are just like your content preview. These HTML elements describe how your content appears in SERPs so make sure that the titles and meta descriptions are not too long. Further it is best to add the keywords at the sentence beginning rather than end. A unique and descriptive meta description is the key to having a better click through rate (CTR) so remember that every word count.
  • Relevant Online Directories Listing – Getting your business listed online in the top directories is integral to attract local customers. According to Google study, 80% of consumers make use of search engines to carry out local searches for their query or need.
  • Claiming and Optimizing Google My Business – Claiming your Google My Business is highly significant for gaining incredible exposure for your local business. Being present on Google My Business Page is an affirmation to the users that your business is legitimate and can be trusted. Further do not forget to optimize your Google My Business listing by picking up the exact business category.
  • More Customer Reviews – More than 80% of the users trust online reviews for any business, they might be interested in. Employ the best tools to ensure you get more customer reviews online especially on social media platforms for improved online business visibility. Also it is essential to act on the negative reviews received to avoid any damage to the online business image.
  • Using Local Structured Data Markup – Adding structured data markup to your website’s code helps the search engines fetch more relevant information about your business. Setting this up correctly increases your chances of procuring better ranks against your competitors. Further schema markup helps in optimizing the website for voice search keeping up pace with the increased inclination towards the virtual assistants.
  • Locally Optimized Content – The more information you have published on your website to answer the user’s queries, the more are the chances of higher ranks. Search engines prefer fresh and relevant content so do ensure that you answer their questions well including keywords in URL, title, meta description, ALT text in images and so on.
  • Mobile Friendly Website – Having a mobile friendly website definitely brightens up Google algorithms. So, make sure that your website is mobile friendly with low page load speed, optimized images, removing unused plug-ins and so on. So If you want a expert to design a mobile friendly website for you then contact freelance website designer in Delhi.

Wishing an effective kick start to your online business!!

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