9 Major Criteria to Help You Select a Professional Essay Writing Service

9 Major Criteria to Help You Select a Professional Essay Writing Service

Getting a college assignment properly finished is nothing but a struggle as so many things must be done to cope with the easiest assignment: topic choice, research, plan, writing, referencing, etc. No wonder many students started looking for an alternative way to cope with the task. A writing service has become one of the optimal answers. Yet, the issue is that there is a question that separates you from a decent agency: how to select a professional essay writing service.

As you do the Google search, you see that most companies promise practically the same and finding the one that really meets your needs is tough. To make your search not just easier but also way more successful we have made the list of criteria that a really worthy service must meet.

  1. It shouldn’t be too cheap.
  2. Its expert writers can work on any essay type.
  3. Their team ensures open communication.
  4. The service features customer support 24/7.
  5. They have free revisions.
  6. The team provides guarantees.
  7. All writers are well-educated specialists.
  8. A plagiarism report is provided.
  9. They can deal with a dissertation, too.

It is not that just one of the criteria should be met. We are talking about all of them as they are the signs of a worthy team to order a paper from.

Criteria # 1

It is in our nature to look for a cheaper option. But we all know the saying, ‘penny-wise and pound-foolish’.  When hiring the cheapest service ever, you get your essay done within hours. By ‘done’ we mean rewritten, copied and delivered. No need to count on the high quality of the piece, besides the paper is most likely plagiarized. Sometimes such services sell the same essay to all their clients.

Criteria # 2

Reliable teams don’t work on one essay type only but offer a long list of college and university works that one may need:applications,cause-and-effect/argumentative/compare andcontrast/critical/ evaluating/expository/ informative/  illustrative essay  and many others. An expert writer always has questions on the course material, and he/she is rather critical when analyzing all the sources.

Criteria # 3

There are numerous custom services that don’t offer a direct communication feature with a writer. So, evidentially, you hardly know a person researching and writing for you, and have no chance to talk to him/her and discuss some essential points of a written assignment. Pick the service that offers constant contact with an expert.

Criteria # 4

This key feature is closely connected with the previous one. The Customer Service of a writing agency must be available 24/7 so that if something important must be added or checked, you can contact a manager, upload needed materials if needed, get essential questions answered and so on. If there is no option as this, it means the staff of the team is limited and you may spend days trying to contact them to know what is going on with a paper of yours.

Criteria # 5

Any decent company offers free revisions within a limited period after the paper is handed in. This is usually a 14-day time frame during which professor’s amendments and recommendations can be added to a paper by an expert writer for free. If this feature is not offered, the service writes works of low quality and refuses to rewrite/improve them.

Criteria # 6

The list of guarantees may differ from service to service. However, there are some standard ones that are provided by any decent agency: online delivery, the use of only up-to-date sources, confidentiality, free revisions, no plagiarism. If these are absent, any successful cooperation with this type of service is rather doubtful.

Criteria # 7

When a custom essay writing service is trustworthy and reliable like CustomWritings.com, it hires authors with Master and Ph.D. level degrees in different subjects. They are not only educated and knowledgeable but also experienced in writing college and university works including 4-year literary evaluation assignments. You can learn more about the author and receive short samples of his/her works by request.

Criteria # 8

Plagiarized content is what a cheap service provides within hours. If you want to avoid handing in a paper that is copied from other sources word by word and want to pay for an original piece, ask a company to provide a plagiarism report. Reliable plagiarism software shows how much of the content was taken from other sources. When the service refuses to send the software results, it is not reliable.

Criteria # 9

They write far beyond a simple term paper. They work on dissertations, too. Pay attention to this option when looking for a reliable team to work with. Even if you’re not going to write a dissertation piece, the fact that the service is not afraid to get written assignments of this kind proves that it is trustworthy.

The writing service help is getting popular and is here to stay. Once in a while, you will definitely need to address one of them. So please check multiple websites before you actually decide which one to pick. Remember that even when you choose to hire a person to help you with your written task; it is of top importance to control the process totally from the very beginning. When there are no guarantees, the writing service should better be excluded from the list of reliable agencies.

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