An Alternative Option Of Fuel From Garbage By Velocys For British Airlines

An Alternative Option Of Fuel From Garbage By Velocys For British Airlines

British airlines in a very responsible move are finding new and advanced ways to manage the garbage of the airlines. But it is just not about adopting a new machine here. It is going to use the garbage for the production of the fuel.

This move is indeed smart as well as environment-friendly. In order to embrace this, British airlines have joined hands with the company that deals in renewable fuels named as Velocys. The airlines strongly feel the need for an alternative fuel and reduction in emission of harmful gases by 50 percent by the year 2050. It also wants the minimization in the emission of greenhouse gases as soon as it can.

Velocys, which expertise in developing the fuel, is looking forward to creating a plant. This plant will work to convert the waste from the household into sustainable and clean fuel. The airlines can then make the use of this clean energy.

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The aviation sector is becoming aware of the environmental issues. The International Civil Aviation Organisation is also helping it and has vowed to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by 50 percent by the year 2050 in the aviation sector.

Process Of Converting Garbage Into Renewable Fuel

Velocys was the firm which helped in the creation of biofuels from the gases of the solid waste. The major problem that arises in the fuel making is how to use the solid waste. A different approach is being used here.

Firstly, the garbage is taken to the plant. Three stage process is adopted here.

  1. Now, the waste is heated to a controlled temperature when the gasification process is done. This method helps in breaking the solid blocks into hydrogen and carbon monoxide.
  2. These gases will then be transformed into hydrocarbons. This will be done with the help of many chemical processes.
  3. In the third step, hydrocracking reaction takes place where. Here, the refining of fuel happens after the procedure.

This will help in reducing the emission of harmful greenhouse gas by 60 to 70 percent and particulate matter by 90 percent when compared to the conventional fuel. It will be helpful in improving the air purity of the airports.

It Gathered a Huge Support

A number of companies and institutes are more than happy to become partners of Velocys. The first one is British airlines. Velocys is also dependent on its various support systems which are ready to provide multiple technological operations.

Suez is a reputed waste management company. It will supply the required raw material to the company’s plant. The largest financier of this project is known to be Norma which is an affiliate of the Ervington Investments.

The department of transport made some modifications in the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation or RTFO. In this, all those UK firms that make the use of biofuels can easily claim their credits. All those companies that want to meet their obligations of RTFO can come in contact with these firms that has credits. This will enhance the use of biofuels in the different sectors as well.

There are certain investment decisions that are meant to be taken by Verocys by 2019. It is enjoying the initial stages of the development for now. This project will need lots of funding to get it completed. It is important to make the investors believe that this sort of project is already done before successfully. This will surely encourage them to make the necessary investments.

Previously, Fulcrum BioEnergy of USA wanted to develop such kind of alternative fuel. It was appreciated worldwide and therefore, it got so many investors as its doorstep to develop its plant in Nevada. The UK government is, therefore, very serious in getting this done.

Obviously, it will be a difficult step for the airlines. The airline fuel is very important and they have to like the fuel in order to use it. If not, they can get the fuel from somewhere else. That is why the entire mechanism must be structured enough so that is is affordable for the airlines.


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