Amazing Benefits of Venetian Plasters for All Your Home Decoration Needs

Amazing Benefits of Venetian Plasters for All Your Home Decoration Needs

Since ancient times Venetian plaster has been used to give a finish to walls and ceilings of various structures. But Venetian plaster has made its comeback and now it’s being rapidly used in homes, stores and other buildings.  A few years ago, very few people were aware of Venetian plasters but nowadays it has become a trend. The plaster is made up of marble dust and slaked lime and it is quite advantageous as compared to other wall finishes such as drywall or vinyl.  One of the amazing things about Venetian plaster is that it starts as limestone and ends as a limestone. The marble dust and the finishing on the ceiling is generally one of the best varieties that you find with the Venetian plaster. These layers are better than marble, granite or glass, and in any case, the level of sustenance is also very strong.

Here Are Some Benefits of Venetian Plaster:

#1. Durability: The Venetian plasters do not require any proof to prove its durability. The durability of the plaster can be seen on the ancient buildings of Italy, Venice, Greece, and Egypt. After applying the plaster turns back again to limestone thus making it extremely durable. It is resistant to shrinking and acquires some flex property. It can withstand impacts of greater intensity which would generally crack up other wall finishes. And if there is anything to be repaired it can be done with a very less effort and expense.

#2. Versatility: Venetian plasters are highly versatile and can be applied to any kind of surface be it a new one or an old one. The plaster can be easily applied on the surfaces like wood, drywall, tile, exterior wood, cement board, brick wall surfaces, etc. The technological advancement has made it versatile and easy to be used anywhere you want.

#3. Maintainability: Venetian plaster is extremely easy to maintain. In fact, it is the easiest wall finish to maintain. The pigments mixed in the plaster do not fade easily and last for several years. Thus there is no need to paint. The most amazing property of Venetian plaster is that is wets and dries rapidly. This property makes even the exterior walls super easy to clean. The plaster allows water vapor to move freely thus enabling water to evaporate easily. Because of this, the water does not get trapped inside the wall unlike other finishes like vinyl.

#4. Ageless: Venetian plaster is ageless and very easy to modify. The pigments in the plaster do not make you paint it again and again as it does not fade easily. Venetian plaster gives you an exceptionally smooth surface which can be modified very easily. With very little effort you can transform any room and can give it a brand-new look. So you can use Venetian plaster while you renovate your home, or if you want to build a new home.

#5.  Eco-Friendly: The mixture of Venetian plaster is all natural thus making it totally eco-friendly. The plaster is not toxic. The plaster provides an ideal air quality inside your home when applied in a 2 -3 coat. As we know lime has a very high PH value it makes a highly antibacterial surface. This prohibits mild and fungus to grow. The plaster also acts as a very good insulator and Venetian plaster layer is also immune to major rots or fungal or microbial infections. The natural design and materials are in many ways an important pointer of high-quality decoration for your home.

Venetian plaster is the new trend. It does not give you any sort of worry or tension because you know once applied the plaster will last for years and years with a very little to no maintenance.

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