Android or iOS app: Which Mobile Application Platform is more Secure?

Android or iOS app: Which Mobile Application Platform is more Secure?

Android vs iOS mobile app development is the ultimate question in every organization that is opting digital transformation.  These are the most sought out mobile platforms that are used for mobile application development. Both have some pros that justify its development need but the ultimate deal breaker is the mobile app security. The business with secure and safe digital transformed service will be having a competition success rather than an insecure business experience.

At last, the ultimate deal breaker is the app security that enhances the customer experience and the business prospect of the transformed organization. Starting from the security perspective iOS was always a winner but with the introduction of Android Oreo in 2017, it gave a string of hope to the Android users for experiencing a secure and safe application flow.

The mobile application development company should be well versed with the security protocol and the vulnerability of each platform to the mobile application usability. Below we discuss the comparative study of the two operating system ecosystem that will help in determining the security aspect of each OS.

  1. Security updates: Android gives monthly updates in their security bulletin, it is an update given to the user for maintaining the security of their device, but this update is not mandated on the users. But the iphone users are forced to download the most recent security update on their devices.
  2. Touch Ids: The mobile application development company who are bringing an Android app version has recently come up in terms with the manufacturers to add the fingerprint scan option. On another scenario, the iOS has always been into implementing biometric sensor verification for their devices.
  3. Hardware: iOS has full control over its hardware security whereas the Android hardware issues are handled individually by its manufacturers, thus causing a problem with solving of the hardware issues.
  4. App store approval: Apple is strict for bringing a standard approved app on its play store. It has all the right to vet, reject, and remove the apps that don’t satisfy its verification and security criteria. Whereas, the android app development company bring the apps that can be downloaded from anywhere- which is a major cause of security breach incidents.
  5. Device fragmentation: More the device fragmentation, more the chances of introducing loopholes increasing the chance of security breach and hacking. This breach is lowered by Apple as it has kept both its OS and version on a lower scale. On another side, the number of Android devices and version are on the high rise – giving a ground of data breach and hacks.

Conclusion: The mobile application development company is in continuous demand for collaboration by the enterprises due to the rising demand for digital transformation. Even though the iOS apps provide the high level of security to its users but the Google has recently come up with Android O. It behaves like a virus scanner for the android phones and ensures that no harmful content is downloaded. This is acting as a support system for the Android platform which was lacking on this important field of security.

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