Artificial Intelligence: Will It Support or Replace Recruiters?

Artificial Intelligence: Will It Support or Replace Recruiters?

HR automation in terms of payroll and workforce management started way back in the 1970s. However, the concept of recruitment automation has been relatively new. Ever since then there has been resistance to it. Recruiters think that automation in recruitment may put their job at stake.

AI is just there to support the recruiters by reducing the time to hire.It is primarily there to support the recruiters rather than replacing them. We know making a mere statement won’t suffice. So, to support our statement in this blog, we talk about the same.


Sourcing, screening and matching are some of the most time-taking steps of recruitment. When done manually, it leads to a wastage of 14 hours on an average per week. AI helps by filtering the resumes and shortlisting the candidates on the basis of their resumes on its own. You don’t need to scan so many resumes. It matches the skills you require and many other things with the resumes and the best ones are shown to you. From there, you can refine the list if you want or start straight up with the process of calling.

AI cannot call or talk to the candidates and so it is just helping you in reducing your manual work and so the job of a recruiter is quite secure.

Talent pipeline-

The HR software in India also help recruiters in creating a talent pipeline. It keeps a list of candidates in the candidate database which you can easily refer to when you have an open position for a profile. Such consolidation of data also helps a recruiter in saving the time.

Again, the HRMS software is supporting the recruiter by maintaining the database. This certainly isn’t harmful for the recruiters.

Proactive hiring-

There is a whole lot of work that recruiters have to do after, before or at the time of hiring people. Had there been no AI, recruiters would have to go through hundreds of resumes manually, set parameters, decide the skillsets and what not. The presence of HRMS software (with AI) is a bliss. It helps you in creating a talent pipeline, sourcing the candidates, in extending the offer letter and much more. All this helps the recruiters in saving time and dedicating more time in interviewing the candidate.

Consolidated reviews-

Humans have a lack of foresight, they are rather faster in forming perceptions and making judgements soon. They may analyse or remember the information incomplete or inaccurate. AI helps you in storing the data properly. The reviews are put in a systematic way in the software that makes sure you don’t lose great talent. The end decision is always taken by the recruiter.

Clearly, AI helps the recruiter through automation. Without an HRMS software recruiters will continue to waste time in sourcing. The choice is yours to make, either become a praoctive recruiter with AI or stay apprehensive and underutilize your time.

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