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Automating MySQL to PostgreSQL Database Migration

It is a known fact that database migration is sophisticated procedure requiring a lot of efforts. This thesis is especially suitable for such powerful database management systems as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Running database migration manually may cause losing data integrity or data corruption due to human factor. Migration of such complicated entities as stored procedures and triggers can hardly be automated, however rest of MySQL database objects can be easily migrated in to PostgreSQL format using special tools.

There are many software vendorsoffersolutions to automate database migration. It is important to know what are the key factorsfor choosing the particular tool among others:

  • The converter must support all modern versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL for Windows and Unix/Linux platforms
  • The migration tool must support the most popular forks of source and target DBMS such as MariaDB,Percona and Heroku
  • The product must migrateall primary database objects such as schemas, table definitions, data, indexes, constraints and views
  • The converter must implement high performance database migrationalgorithm
  • The product must allow to merge or synchronize existing PostgreSQL database with MySQL data
  • The migration tool must supportfiltering data toconvertvia SELECT-queries
  • The converter must provide option to convert MySQL database into PostgreSQL script file for situations when there is no direct connection to PostgreSQL server
  • The product must support command line to script and schedule database migration procedure

Intelligent Converters, software vendor specializing in database migration field since 2001, offers a tool to migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL meeting all requirements listed above. Moreover, theproduct stores all conversion settings into profile in order to simplify next use. It providesuser friendly wizard-style interface to make migration procedure easy for users having no strong skills in database field. Also, MySQL to PostgreSQL converter allows to migrate results of SELECT-queries. This flexible capability can solve a number oftasks:

  • Extractand rename particular columns, for example SELECT FName as FirstName, LName as LastName FROM MyTable
  • Bypass rows containing NULLs, for example SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE not isnull(Comments)
  • Filter rows to convert, for example SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE ID > 1000

MySQL to PostgreSQL database migration tool has trial version for evaluation purpose. This version converts only 50 records per table and does not convert foreign keys and views. After evaluating trial version, customers can purchase full version that does not have those limitations. The product can be customized by specialists of Intelligent Converters according to users pecific needs.

Learn more about MySQL to PostgreSQL converter at

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