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Most Beautiful Places in Qatar that You Must Visit

Did you know that the Qatar was labeled as one of the most boring places on Earth almost a decade ago? But nowadays, this country is rapidly becoming the most exciting spot on this planet. Qatar is the kind of place tourists discover about the ancient pursuit of falconry. Moreover, they also get to watch camels ridden by remote-controlled robot jockeys race across the desert (quite enticing!), and also get fascinated with the dhows bobbing on the water alongside world’s popular modern skylines.

Qatar is finely enriched with beauty and culture to mesmerize people visiting from all over the world. Read on to discover the list of the beautiful places in Qatar as it will help you spend your time wisely in Qatar car rental;

Katara Mosque

Situated in the center of the Katara Cultural Village site, The Katara Mosque exhibits the most enticing architecture in the Middle East that you much check out. The design of the Katara Mosque is quite prominent as it’s entirely unlike the typical mosques therein. Built through mosaic of predominantly blue tiles, the structure reflects the hints of red and yellow. For sure, you will be left spellbound with designs and the equally complex interior. The building of this mosque is beautifully accompanied by the 3-spiked pillars that make it look even more prominent.

The Doha Desert

Make sure to add this place into your Must-visit list while you are looking for the best Qatar car rental online. The beautiful desert is mostly left untouched by many visitors, and locals believe that tourists must show up at this place whenever they travel to Qatar. It’s no less than a feel of perfection and being close to nature when you happen to front stunning miles of pristine smooth sand. In fact, this dessert is enriched with such landscapes that you might not have ever seen before. With the flawless sand and rolling dunes, one can enjoy the landscape of this beautiful dessert on the desert safari day.

Al- Zubarah Fortress

After a huge pile of miles painted solely with sand and in the middle of nowhere, one gets to front this ferocious fortress. Perhaps its lonesomeness is what makes it so beautiful and it would be great to make you way to this fortress on Camel-Back. You might not be able to grab that feel just by reading but tourists get to feel the sense of being into an exciting history when they stand beneath this fortress. In order to spread the awareness about the noteworthy history of this fortress, there are often exhibitions held at Al-Zubarah.

In a nutshell, there is a huge crowd out there simply crazy about showing up at Qatar at least once in a year. Though this place didn’t hold enough popularity earlier but nowadays tourists really admire this place. In fact, many simply hire Qatar car rental so that they don’t have to worry about transportation while travelling.

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