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Book a Tadoba Accommodation to Explore the Wildlife Up-close

India has long been the shelter for much exotic flora and fauna. Tadoba is one such shelter in Maharashtra. That is why the foreigners earlier knew it as the “land of tiger and snake charmers”. The nation has seen a major boost in its wildlife tourism sector, in the recent times, due to the government’s efforts. One of the greatest efforts taken by the government to boost tourism is allowing the setting up of accommodation options.

Here, we will stress on why you should book hotels near the Tadoba National Park.

Enjoy the wildlife    

Being close to the forest, the accommodation options offer you the opportunity to visit the forest conveniently, even during the winter months. November to February is the best time to visit the National Park, as you can enjoy the safari amid the pleasurable temperature of 25 to 30 degree centigrade. However, if you want the best view of the animals, you should visit the park between Februarys to May.

The hotel employees will suggest that you avoid visiting the park during the monsoon, as the dense growth of the plants and grasses will make it difficult to encounter animals. In addition, summer is unbearable in this part of Maharashtra, where day temperature often stays Between 47 to 50-degree centigrade. However, summer can be the best time to see animals near the water bodies.

Enjoy watching varieties of wild animals

The Tadoba National Park is the home for several wild creatures, where you can enjoy a glimpse of the world famous Royal Bengal Tiger in the wild. Along with this, there are cheetahs, leopards, jungle cats, and wild dogs, barking deer, blue bull, spotted deer, chinkara, nilgai, sloth bears and much more.

If you are interested in reptiles, you can see marsh crocodiles, Indian cobra, Russell’s viper, python, monitor lizards, terrapins and star tortoise. Thus, book your Tadoba accommodation today and enjoy some quality time in the wild.

Book a Resort or Tourist Lodge for the Best Experience

There is no scarcity of privately owned resorts and tourist lodges near the Tadoba National Park offering full-time stay facilities for the visitors. Some hotels and guesthouses have been constructed lavishly, where you can enjoy excellent facilities at reasonable price.

Luxury interiors, comfortable beds and modernized amenities, along with the environment offering the view of perfect greenery will make your holiday in the wild perfect.

Visiting the Tadoba National Park and Tiger Reserve for wild safari can be an experience of a lifetime for the lovers of wildlife. The National Park will provide you with a perfect picture of the Indian wildlife, famous for its Royal Bengal Tiger and other rare species only found in India. Thus, enjoy your holiday in Tadoba with a fantastic accommodation.

Author Bio: Bill Williams is a journalist, who has been associated with a travel magazine for a long time. Through his articles, he has highlighted some of the best aspects of Tadoba accommodation.

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