Breathe Better with Nasal Filters

Breathe Better with Nasal Filters

What do the experts advise us through newspapers? Do not go for your exercise early in the morning as the air is heavy with various pollutants. Usually, people have only mornings free for exercise, so what do they do to protect themselves from so much of air pollution? It’s simple, they can wear nasal filters or face masks – both of these products protect us from air pollutants. There might be other products as well available in the market to protect you from air pollution but these two are the most commonly sold in the market.

Face Mask or Nasal Filter – Which One Should You Buy?

To help you make an informed decision we have shared some information on both the products:

  •        Face Masks – Most face masks give protection against PM 2.5, dust, pollen, spores and other common airborne allergens. These masks are generally effective for about 7 to 8 hours after which they need to be replaced. But, it is also very visible, looks awkward and is not aesthetic.
  •        Nasal Filters – These too provide protection from PM 2.5, dust, pollen, PM 10, vehicle exhausts and other air-borne bacteria and germs. Nasal filters are effective for about 11 to 12 hours in heavily polluted areas. Moreover, the product need not be replaced; however, its filters need to be changed.

Need for Nasal Filters(best Pollution Mask)

Nasal Filters are designed for use by all ages and personal builds. These may be used by school children who start their day early when the air is heavy with all type of air pollutants and could cause damage to their tender lungs. The same condition goes for people who start their sports training and exercise early in the morning. Without nasal filters, the morning activities may actually be detrimental to the aim that they want to achieve.

Nasal filters are very important for people who work in dusty environments, industrial areas, places where heavy vehicular traffic is a norm and other places like city dump fields. Nasal filters are also important for patients, like people suffering from asthma and more so if they are living in rural dusty areas or in the areas where the air is moisture laden.

Let us find out how nasal filters would actually be helpful for people, so let us take Clare Nasal Filters as an example and know its advantages.

Like all Nasal Filters, the Clenare Nasal Filters provide all the advantages and protection against most types of air pollution. It’s is a discrete device made out of high-quality medical grade plastic, which is so soft that it does not cause irritation when placed in our nostrils. Due to its transparency, it is not easily detectable by other people.

This nasal filter comes in various body builds and sizes. In comparatively less polluted areas, nasal filters might last for up to 15 days. But, it is better to do a periodic check. If you see the colour of the filter become dark, it is time to change the filter, but not the product itself. Changing a filter is easy and tweezers are included with the product to facilitate replacing the filter.

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