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How Can Call Centres Reduce Agent Attrition Rate?

Nowadays, workforce attrition is nothing less than a nightmare for any business. This is especially true for BPO firms because they have been dealing with high agent turnover rate for the last couple of years. The main reason behind this is stressful & monotonous daily tasks which are supposed to be done by agents on the regular basis. To reduce high agent attrition rate, call centres have been putting more than enough efforts to ensure a long-term relationship with agents. Most of the BPO firms have adopted automation technology to eliminate time-consuming manual processes. Moreover, call centres have been investing in various tools to streamline daily tasks so that agents & supervisors don’t feel any workload while doing their work.

So, if you are an owner of a BPO firm and want to achieve ahigh level of agentretention rate, mentioned points will help you out in a jiffy:

Optimize recruitment process

To reduce agent attrition rate, every reputed call centre uk should optimize its recruitment process. Because if you hire agents with the right set of skills, theywill stay with your company for the long haul. So, clearly define job responsibilities, common tasks, and make your expectations known so that interviewee can understand what he/she is supposed to do after getting hired. It would be the frosting on the cake if you implement a referral program or allow your agents to do work from home.

 Make training programs adequate

Almost every call centre ukknows that some agents need additional training as compared to others. In some call centres, supervisors try to cut the training period and this puts newly joined agents into trouble at the later stages. On the contrary, an extended training period can help new employees to understand job roles & product knowledge in a better way and also build a strong bond with the other agents.

Conduct skill development programs

To reduce high agent attrition rate, it is very important to conduct skill development programs at regular intervals. Because whenever agents feel that their job is boring, they are more likely to leave their current position. That’s why it is advisable for all every call centre uk to organise skill development programs so that agents can learn new skills &technologies. This increases job satisfaction level and that will automatically reduce the ATR.

Provide necessary software & tools

No one can deny the fact that handling a large number of customers on the regular basis can put an extra work pressure on the agent’s shoulders. Therefore, it is advisable to provide necessary software & tools to make agent’s job easier. This keeps the agent turnover rate in check and that will be beneficial for the business.

Conduct attrition interviews

To elevate agent retention rate, it is very important for every call centre ukto conduct an attrition interview to collect all the information regarding why an agent is leaving. This information can help in reducing agent turnover rate at the later stages. Apart from that, a few agents don’t share their problems with the management due to some reasons. During an exit interview, agents usually speak freely and this thing gives an opportunity to management to retain the former.

Improve work conditions

Improving work condition is one of the best ways to reduce ATR. All you need to do is allow your agents to do work from home, provide an ergonomic workspace, etc. And this will keep the job satisfaction level in check. Moreover, if working conditions are impeccable, agents love to come to work and give their best. All in all, if you want to ensure business’s stability, it is very important for you to keep your employees happy.

Enhance rewards programs

Rewards play a vital role in keeping the agents motivated towards their work. But sometimes BPO firms don’t appreciate their best agents who have been working so hard to boost the business’s productivity. That’s the main reason why agents usually look for another job opportunity. On the contrary, rewards like incentives, promotions, etc. always encourage agents to stick around.

Give your valuable feedback

If you are a business owner, it is obvious that you have multiple things to do. But, keeping your eyes on workforce and giving your valuable feedback to a deserving agent can reduce the ATR. The reason behind this is that whenever agents feel that their work is getting noticed, this not only increases the job satisfaction level but also encourages other employees to put more efforts to achieve the performance targets. So, always remember one thing that your positive feedback to your agents can reduce theATR drastically.

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