Car Services: Get it Right

Car Services: Get it Right

A motor vehicle service is a set of different procedures to check the efficiency of the car and ensure that it functions in a perfect condition. A car service within regular intervals is a must. Usually, the company mentions the servicing date in a schedule but in some advanced cars, the vehicle itself displays due servicing through an icon in the dashboard. Upon completion of a car service, the service provider records the service details to ensure proper recording of the history of the car service.

Scheduling for A Car Service

A car goes for a service after it fulfils certain conditions in the check list. There are a lot of factors responsible for the need of servicing. It varies from one car model to another; is different for different brands and on what conditions was the car being driven around. Some of them are:

  1. The distance travelled by a car per day.
  2. The type of climate in which the car travels; whether it is too hot or cold.
  3. The type of road taken; whether the road is rocky, dusty, or snowy.
  4. The kind of driving required by the car; whether the car is driven for long distances or is it a more of a frequent short distance travelling.
  5. The kind of load the car carries; whether it tows heavy load or none.

There Are Two Kinds of Car Servicing

#1. Minor Servicing: A minor servicing is a type of a car service which is more or less an external study of the functioning of the car and going through some simple steps to ensure that the car runs smoothly. This kind of servicing depends on the study of wear and tear of machine parts and the kind of replacement required for the car parts. A minor service is a quick car service and is relatively less expensive. It includes the following:

  • Dirty oil interferes with the functioning of the car. While the car has gone for servicing, the mechanic replaces oil and the oil filters in the car, if required.
  • Faulty brakes in a car may cause major accidents and becomes life threatening. Thus, during a minor car service, the response time of the car is measured and the depth of the brake pads. After going through a detailed analysis, the brakes might be fixed, or the brake fluids are replaced.
  • The leads of the car should also be checked thoroughly. Though the pre-installed lead in your car lasts for a decade or more but still no risks should be taken.
  • Driving during summers becomes uncomfortable if the air conditioner of the car is not working well. Just like the ACs in our homes require timely servicing, your car’s AC also requires the same.
  • The suspension and steering of your car too requires frequent servicing. The time it takes for responding to the driver’s commands is measured and thus prevents accidents.
  • Testing of lights present in your car is as important as the other factors. Indicators, headlights, and other lights present in your car are checked and replaced, if damaged.

#2. Major Servicing: When a car goes for major servicing, it goes through all the above factors but at the same time some more details of the car is analysed, and a better understanding of the car is achieved. These kinds of servicing take an entire day and the cost depends on the model and make of the car. The additional services are:

  • All fluids of the car are checked and replaced.
  • The car is analysed for all kinds of safety measures.
  • The pressure of tyres is inspected, and the wheel bearings are replaced.
  • All the external engine belts, coolant system is scrutinised and changed, if necessary.

A car service is essential for the maintenance of a car. Regular services take care of minor issues of the car and prevents it from turning into a major problem. Not only does it get you a better value of the car in case you sell it but provides you with a better insurance coverage in case of an accident.

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