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Career in Fashion Design

Fashion designing is a form of art that is used for designing clothing, footwear, jewelry, costumes and other lifestyle accessories which are influenced by cultural and societal trends. The fashion designers rarely work alone as the concept of designing, researching consumer trends and physically applying the design and art to get a final product is something that requires a team effort.

It is mandatory to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as fashion design or fashion merchandising to step into this fashion industry. Employers look for professionals with creativity and a good technical knowledge of the production process for clothing, accessories, or footwear.

Careers related to fashion designing

  • Art Directors

Art directors are responsible for creating the overall design of the project and manage a team of artworks and layout. These professionals are responsible for the visual style and images in magazines, movies, TV, product packaging, and newspapers.

  • Graphic Designers

The professionals who create graphical and visual concepts by the use of computer software or manually to communicate and promote ideas that appeal, inform and inspire the consumers. These professionals are designated to develop a complete product design and layout for various applications such as ads, brochures, pamphlets, magazines and other corporate reports.

  • Models

Models are those professionals who display the designs and arts that are designed by the fashion designers. This might be related to clothing, jewelry, makeup, footwear or any accessories.

  • Purchasing Managers

The buyers or the purchasing managers are the agents who buy the designs of the artists for the organizations either to use or to resell. They are responsible for ordering, shipping and delivery, stocks and so on.

  • Industrial Designer

Industrial designers are the professionals who develop the concepts for manufactured products such as toys, home appliances, automobiles and so on. They use their expertise to combine business, art, and engineering to make products that the people use on a daily basis.

  • Jewelry Designer

As the name indicates, jewelry designers are the artist who researches on the consumer trends and preferences and then designs appealing and attractive jewelry based on the needs of the consumers. These professionals need to have an eye for detailing and a lot of creativity.

  • Costume designer

The duties of these professionals are to study the fashion trends and plan designs that will appeal to the users. Decide on a theme for the collection. Select fabrics, colors, embellishments and style for every garment. Manage a team of other designers to create the final product.

Usually, a certified degree program allows aspiring designers to gain a great experience before they step into the workforce through internships and training.  Also while earning a degree, the students are taught to build a portfolio of their design work which will help them to showcase their creative and artistic ability and progress to the potential employers.

Fashion designing is one of the glamorous career options which opens a number of opportunities for those who has an interest and passion in the field of fashion designing. You can find the list of top colleges in India for fashion designing on

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