NJ Woman Ahyanah Mincy Blogs For Women In Business

Ahyanah Mincy is a senior at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey majoring in Business Management. Her passion for business leads her to begin a blogging platform for women in business and entrepreneurship, She writes on Mogul which is a platform started by women to give other women a voice. Mogul is a website that allows women to post articles, videos, poems, obtain jobs and ask questions. Women use the site as a safe space to initiate conversations and spread ideas. This college student decided to join the platform and wanted…

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Steps to be Taken to Build Ethereum Mining Rig

Ethereum mining

You can build an Ethereum Mining rig on your own following a few steps. You must choose and get the equipment and configure them appropriately. It may take a few days of effort and picking the right GPU. Decide if you want to set up a physical hardware based mining or prefer buying a cloud mining contract. You need a few components that can vary in costs based on your choice. Motherboard: A motherboard is the main part of a computer and this is where you feed in all your…

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A consumer guide to avoid buying fake electronics & appliances

buying fake electronics & appliances

No doubt, counterfeiting is a huge industry and factories all around the world are engaged in mass production of clothing, electronics and other goods that look authentic. Even people manufacturing same products in the same factory produce goods that are both genuine and counterfeit all at once. For once, you may think buying fake products is lighter on the budget but it’s actually the other way around in terms of quality and shelf life. And if you put aside the moral implications of purchasing counterfeit especially devices such as smartphones,…

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5 Questions to Ask with Lead Generation Companies

lead generation

Without leads, there is no business. For any business, right from the initial stage to its success, exporting a continuous stream of leads is extremely important. Strong leads hold the foundation of the entire sales funnel. It is very important to keep that funnel in continuous function. The companies who are unable to generate robust leads require improvisation in their approach and tactics. It’s absolutely acceptable to seek help from the companies who have expertise in this area. Lead generation services are the process of finding, enticing, nurturing, and converting…

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The online account: A way of modern trading

modern trading

The share market offers ample opportunities to people who love trading to have a good profit. The main area where the profit can be booked is intraday trading. Here the buyer, on the basis of his knowledge can buy or sell some shares that can help him to make a profit. Here one must remember that he should go for trading on his own knowledge and experience only as the tips offered by the people in the market can be fake and hence not to trust them. For the purpose…

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ETF Volume Continue To Rise In 2017

ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) volume continues to dominate trading in the U.S. and globally.  While the bulk of ETF trading is focused on the U.S. markets, their dominance continues to spread throughout the globe.  Volume daily is dominated by ETFs. In 2016, only one of the top 15-securities in terms of volume traded in the United States was a stock, while the others were all ETFs. An exchange traded fund is an instrument that is geared to track a specific benchmark. This could be a stock sector, such as technology…

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5 Tips to Stick to your Small Business Budget after GST

After GST roll-out, business owners are conscious when it comes to filing taxes, investing in their business and claiming for returns. Today, Government has introduced new rules, budget, procedures, and tax filing methods, tools and applications that businesses need to implement in their daily life. Invoice generation is mandatory every month for businesses whose annual turnover is more than 10 lakhs, however, there is an exemption for small businesses whose turnover is less than 75 lakhs. They can register themselves under the composition scheme and avail the amazing benefits. One…

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ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund: An Effective Financial Solution

Looking forward to invest in ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund? Congratulations, you have made a right decision. But how to protect your assured returns in the wake of uncertainty? Well, it’s the time to do your own research which will assist you out in grabbing the healthy returns in the longer run. The golden rule says: the more you stay invested, the higher returns you will get. But you need to be aware of this golden rule only especially when the fund is performing up to the standards in the financial…

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Get The Ease of Work With The Help of Advanced Devices

It is important for almost every industry in the field to have devices that can ease the process of production and supply. The experts keep on searching new devices all the times and as per the changing requirements keep on offering such devices. Those units in the field of heavy chemicals need to have settled a complete mechanism of tubes so that the material can be move easily. However, to ensure the safe movement of the material one needs to fix them in a way that there is no scope…

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