Checklist to Hire the Best Bond Cleaning Professional for Your Home

When you are about to leave a rental property, the first thing that you need to take care of is thorough and deep cleaning of the entire space, making it suitable for the next tenant. Now, ensuring this is important because the security deposit that you paid while taking the rental lease remains held according to the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA). This amount is equivalent to 4 weeks of the rent. It is usually given back after the end of lease period when you own no money to the manager for damage or rent of the property.

The estate agents and property managers take an account of several elements to make sure that the property is in its best condition. Hence, to get the complete security deposit amount back, you should hire professional bond cleaning services.

Choosing Reliable and Reputed Bond Cleaning Company 

The bond clean-up service is an integral part of moving out, thus you should choose one with utmost care. The professional has to be insured, well-established, offer warranty and deliver a list of items that require proper cleaning. While doing this it is essential to have a checklist by your side, which helps you in understanding from where to begin the process and let you make the most of bond cleaning services.

  1. Preparing the Schedule for Clean-up 

On an average, it can take 5 to 7 hours to provide complete cleaning of an apartment of 3 bedrooms, while the time reduces to 4 in case of 2-bedroom apartments. Many tenants are often surprised by the amount of work and time that should be devoted for the purpose and this makes them difficult for managing other business. With professional cleaners, you can accomplish a flawless home and that too without wasting a single minute.

But avoid hiring the cleaners at the last minute, as most of the companies would first want to analyze the type of bond cleaning services that will be required for the home and then come up with the same accordingly.

  1. Empty Items from The Home

It is strongly recommended to get rid of most of the items before you begin the cleaning process. This apparently improves the effectiveness of cleaning and enables the professional to reach out to those places that would otherwise not be possible because of furniture and associated belongings. The more clutter free the house is, the better will be professional cleaning services.

  1. Verify the Cleaning Services of Professional

Cleaning here has to be focused on various areas of the house i.e. bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living area. Some of the key elements that you have to verify with professional bond cleaning companies are:

  • Taking the unwanted nails out of ceilings and walls to keep them smooth.
  • Cleaning the dust accumulated on skirting boards and ledges.
  • Cleaning windows- frames, glass panel and the top of the door frame.
  • Vacuuming the carpets to remove debris and stain.
  1. Focusing on Outdoor Cleaning

Most of the people believe that bond cleaning services is only about taking care of the interiors. Fortunately, certain professional companies feature outdoor cleaning services too in which they take care of the following aspects:

  • Mowing the lawns.
  • Removing dry leaves.
  • Trimming down edges of plants and trees.
  • Treating the deep sweep area.
  • Acting against tough stains present at the driveway.

Therefore, when you are looking for the ideal professional, don’t forget to have this checklist by your side to simplify the entire process.


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