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How to Choose an Affordable SEO company in India that Provides Reliable Service

In the online market, an economic price does not always mean that the company will deliver you low-quality service. When it comes to SEO you can reduce your budget by looking for a company that has a knowledgeable team and services that are budget-service.

The youth these days is well-informed of the developments, updates, tools and techniques in the SEO industry. Majority of the search engine optimization service providers are under 35. Therefore, picking a company filled with young optimistic professional striving to deliver you the maximum output is a great idea.

Before you invest in a low-price SEO campaign, here are the tricks to select the Affordable SEO Company in India

  1. Check Out Company‘s Website

A properly optimized website which is user responsive is the key to lead generation these days. The official of the company is itself the biggest project they have. These factors will help you analyze the credibility of a Cheap SEO Company in India

  1. Social media – Today twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. are the biggest assets to drive traffic to a website. If the SEO services have a strong presence over these social media sites it means they understand the basis of branding.
  2. Client reviews/ testimonies – How do the previous client rate their services? If they have positive reviews that seem genuine, seal the deal. In case the client’s testimony has a link back to their social media, check out their account to see if the person is genuine.

Some website also provides the list of brands with which they worked previously. Search for the brand to see how well they rank.

  1. Blog section – For SEOs blogging is the best way to show off their knowledge in a compelling manner. They inform the audience about the latest developments in their organization, new updates, etc. Some of the top players in the online market even share their sauce of success which can remain a secret to rank for competitive terms. It lets them create unique content worth reading.
  2. Loading speed and website design – If the visitor is a loss in the site and incapable to find the information they are searching, surely they will leave the site. On the contrary, if it is simple to find the desired information on the site, user’s trust on the website increases. The Best SEO Company in India follows these guidelines during the inception of their establishment.

Loading speed is another major factor one needs to keep in mind. If the website takes more than 3 seconds to load, the user is likely to leave. This reduces the site’s reliability in the eyes of Google.

The above four factors are the basic elements for creating SEO friendly websites.  If the SEO Company has mastered them on own site it can surely do you too.

  1. The team

The team members are the major player in the success of the SEO campaign. The spokesperson might tell you the services offered by the company. But will never have the idea how they work on your website until you know the professional working behind it.

Check out the bio of the team member, look how they interact on social media. If they post content relevant to SEO on Linked In, Xing, Quora, etc. this implies they do extra research. Conducting research and staying updated is a must for SOE professionals.

In case the staff is not bothered to go an extra mile to understand the latest development in the SEO market, they would still be using outdated techniques. This can do more harm and good to your site.

  1. Contact Info

The company should have a physical address, phone no, email, etc.  If you decide to buy SEO package from an online marketing firm remember to take the contact details of the employee who is handling your website.

In case if any issue arises in your site due to the changes made by the SEO person, you can inform and ask them about.

Though most of the companies provide a report of the task they perform on weekly bases, yet you can find out what new things the team/ team members are doing to boost your ranking. This can only be done when you have their contact details.

If they hesitate to provide you with the contact info, don’t pay them.

  1. Ask for SEO Audit

Technical SEO audit needs expertise. Although several SEO auditing tools are available in the market, they do not check your entire website. Instead of purchasing a package you can ask the company to perform an audit for your site. After analysis of your site, ask them what are the changes and techniques they will use to fully optimize your site.

This is a smart move to let them know you understand how search engine work, even if you don’t!

Conclusion – Investing in an affordable SEO package provided by a small company is a great choice to reduce your budget. It can land you more leads and improve your brand’s online presence. Above the four crucial points to pick the Best SEO Company in India that offers low-cost packages.


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