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Comparison: Winnamore Street vs Indiegogo

In this short article, we will compare a crowdfunding heavyweight, Indiegogo, with one of the new arrivals, Winnamore Street.

Both services have their own unique advantages and drawbacks and which one is best for you will depend upon a number of aspects. Let’s take a glance at the services on offer in the table below.

Winnamore Street Secret Includes

  • No processing cost
  • Free to browse the website with a fundamental strategy
  • Ability to decide on the funding choice that fits you best
  • Premium subscription for $200.
  • Unlimited posts for premier members.
  • Invites to networking occasions.
  • Direct contact in between members.

Indiegogo Secret Features.

  • 5% platform processing fees.
  • Free to search the site.
  • Flexible financing.
  • No membership fees.
  • Individuals with marketing competence can get their campaign in front of a large audience.
  • Access to Indiegogo meetup occasions.
  • No direct contact.


The most significant difference in between the two websites is in their cost structure.

Winnamore Street charge a set quantity of $200 dollars to acquire complete access to their platform. While they do have a fundamental choice, this does not offer you the ability to get in contact with others on the platform or promote for funds.

Indiegogo, on the other hand, charge a set rate of 5% for all deals on the website. While this has the benefit of meaning there is no risk to establishing a page, if you succeed (which is, undoubtedly, the objective), you might wind up paying a hefty fee.

The best product for you will, for that reason, boil down to just how much danger you are willing to take, as well as how much money you are wishing to raise. If expense is the most important thing for you, then if you want to raise more than $4000 then it could be a great idea to choose Winnamore Street, if less than $4000, then Indiegogo could be the way forward.


Both Indiegogo and Winnamore Street are more flexible with their financing options than others in the market. Indiegogo provides exactly what it calls “Flexible Financing”. This is a system where campaigns that don’t reach their objective are still permitted to keep the money raised in particular circumstances.

Winnamore Street takes the concept of versatility one step even more as entrepreneurs and investors are literally enabled to talk about with each other about their objectives. They can be in direct contact with each other and campaigns can define exactly what they desire from a financier.

If you are looking for a more conventional model of crowdfunding, then Indiegogo is a terrific location to begin, however, if you want a bit more customization then Winnamore Street could be worth a look.

Getting Individuals To See Your Project.

When it comes to advertising your project, both Winnamore Street and Indiegogo provide various ways to obtain individuals interested.

Indiegogo have a great deal of details on their site about getting people to see your campaign but ultimately, you will supervise of putting your campaign in front of others. The success of this will likely depend on how excellent you are at marketing and the avenues you have offered to you.

People or organizations that choose to crowdfund with Winnamore Street, nevertheless, have the possibility to make unrestricted posts in the member’s location of the site. Potential financiers have direct access to this area and, as such, you won’t have to stress over doing additional marketing for your project.Of course, the drawback to this is that only individuals signed up to Winnamore Street can see your post.


Both Indiegogo and Winnamore Street will inevitably have their fans and supports. If you wish to work within a pre-defined structure and you have some understanding of digital marketing, then Indiegogo could be the way forward for your crowdfunding project.

On the other hand, if you desire more flexibility in what you provide, along with direct access to prospective investors/other entrepreneurs, then going with Winnamore Street could be the very best concept.

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