Computer Literacy is a Must: 5 Software Skills You Should Not Forget to Include on Your Resume

In the modern workplace, every employee must have some form of computer literacy. With computers dominating our lives, and AI only set to increase, even the jobs that are not in the technology sector require at least basic computer software skills. Hiring managers for IT positions will seek extensive evidence that you have a strong understanding of computer software.

Before you build your resume, you should think about the sector you are looking to word in and decide what technology preferences employers will have. Make a list of computer software skills you think would be advantageous.

If these do not match up with your own skillset, consider enrolling in a course. There are plenty of providers offering IT training in Apple and Windows that can give your computer software skills a much-needed boost.

For general positions, and those not in a tech-specific sector, these are the five software skills everyone should have.

Microsoft Office

Virtually all job positions require some use of Microsoft office. Even if it is just inputting your weekly hours in a spreadsheet for payment. If you are seeking an admin job or a receptionist position, you may need a more detailed understanding of the program, including document formatting, and mail merges.

Social Media

Many marketing positions require a basic understanding of social media. Knowing how to use these tools in a professional context to drive brand awareness and brand engagement is a huge positive, and something many recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in candidates these days.


While not every job requires programming, basic programming skills are creeping into the daily and tasks of many workplaces. An employee with at least a basic understanding of computer programming is an asset to any company and will be snapped up by hiring managers and recruiters.


For those looking for work in the accounting sector, an understanding of QuickBooks is a significant asset. Many small businesses use the software to manage their payroll, receipts, and financial reporting. Even if you are looking for an admin position, having experience in QuickBooks will significantly enhance your resume.

Graphic Design Skills

Many jobs involve the creation of an eye-catching poster, document, presentation or information packet. Having some basic graphic design software skills (or experience with Adobe products) will come in handy.

There are multiple design programs out there, including Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Given these are some of the most popular programs in the industry, a rudimentary understanding of these will appeal to many hiring managers, particularly for marketing, event organizing, and sales positions.

For those looking to get into the IT industries, there are a whole host of skills, qualifications, and certificates that will enhance your appeal to hiring managers and having some of these under you belt will significantly increase your personal marketability.

However, these skills are translatable to all industries and indicate strong computer literacy and a basic understanding in some niche aspects of computing. This should be enough to earn you a job in sectors outside of IT.

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