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The Constant Tussle between Law and Democracy- Bridging the Gap of Practices

United Nations has been given the responsibility to keep a close watch on the preservation of human rights and to implement laws to maintain it. The UN has been doing it for years, and even in 2012, they have taken the bold step where they have reaffirmed, that human rights, the democracy and the Rule of Law are interlinked with each other, and hence must be implemented by valuing each one of them together. But there’s another part of the entire story in it. Making laws is simple, breaking them is even simpler, but Peter Howe Michigan believes that implementing them to the best of its scope is the toughest of the lot.

So the government and the administrative bodies get law as one of their equipment and hence try to make the best use of them to reach out to the largest mass and maintain discipline. But what Peter Howe Michigan believes is, the governments must use the law as an important equipment to advance the democracy that retains within. So while strengthening the rules of law, only the strictness must not be achieved, instead, one must focus on the application of the norms and also the procedures involved in it. It is the duty of each of the government to emphasize the fundamental role of protecting the rights and also make it highly acceptable.

There’s one common thing about both law and democracy. It is nothing but a purely institutional approach and hence does not say anything in specific about how the entire procedure of application needs to be, and what will be the impacts on the society in general. So while implementing it, experts believe that there must be certain lines of distinction which needs to be drawn. The rule of law applies that everyone in the society is bound to accept it, and even the Government is not spared of it. Power is indeed a big word, and hence there must be some constitutional limitations brought upon it, which in one sense a key feature of democracy.

So both democracy and rule of law seem to play long enough innings, and they to a great extent has been successful in coming up with something more stringent yet acceptable portion for the society. The nexus between the two only gets stronger whenever they play a complementary role and hence tackles the substantive outcomes equally well.

Every citizen is born in this world with some fundamental rights, and it is the duty of the law to understand these rights and protect it well. But at times, citizens tend to cross the lines and start making the wrong use of their fundamental right. It is true that in a democratic nation, citizens have the complete right to express their views, but that must not harm the interests of the rest. The rule of law acts to maintain the balance between these two, and the smoother the process is, the better is the condition of a nation. Let these two brothers tie the toughest knot and help a nation grow higher.

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