buying fake electronics & appliances

A consumer guide to avoid buying fake electronics & appliances

No doubt, counterfeiting is a huge industry and factories all around the world are engaged in mass production of clothing, electronics and other goods that look authentic. Even people manufacturing same products in the same factory produce goods that are both genuine and counterfeit all at once.

For once, you may think buying fake products is lighter on the budget but it’s actually the other way around in terms of quality and shelf life. And if you put aside the moral implications of purchasing counterfeit especially devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, fake can give you quite a headache.

If you’ve no idea of what you’re actually purchasing, it’s unlikely the product would turn out per the expectation. Consumer won’t get proper support and besides, counterfeit electronic appliances can be downright dangerous; hence a bad investment. With all that in mind, here’s how to avoid buying fake and keep a mile-wide distance!


It’s one thing that you can always check with confidence even when buying online. There’re many different reasons seeing low price tech products on the shelf and none of the motives are quite acceptable. Although bargaining is a different thing, a high-end laptop and latest range on smartphone when sold at less than half its original cost triggers an alarm.

Such products are likely to be stolen, a grey-market import of which tax hasn’t been paid and other pessimistic factors are associated. This is the reason you should always purchase from a reputable vendor like Sharaf DG having an established reputation and known best for amazing range of latest electronics.


Materials and components used in producing fake goods are the reason you can easily spot them. They may underperform frequently even if you just unboxed these! Take for instance a laptop or smartphone which is surprisingly lightweight with sloppy workmanship and not to mention operating system that a true user would notice almost immediately. This is the reason one should always buy such products after carefully checking them at the vendor.

Product code, details & features

When buying online, you’re unlikely to get hold of the product unless it’s delivered to you which raise some concerns on its originality. Although not all websites lie, you can at-least compare the specifications published by the genuine manufacturer such as product code and check it against the sales listings. You can easily catch a fake with a simple flaw or difference in colour, size and looks. Just be careful and pause before making a purchase.


Some things are a matter of common sense yet we fail understanding them! For instance, if a certain electronic item isn’t meant to be sold in your country, how’d it get at the vendor! You just might think it could be an import but latest in electronic products are rarely sold off-borders especially when associated to a particular country of launch so be careful here as well.


Make sure your electronics are genuine simply by avoiding counterfeit goods through the steps mentioned above.

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