D-Pharma Course: Career Outlook

Having a career in the field of pharmaceutical science is considered to be highly rewarding. The pharmacy technician has an important role to play in the modern pharmaceutical industry. The technician is present always to assist the pharmacists to fill prescriptions for drugs, to review orders meant for drug allergies, incompatibilities and interactions.

The technicians are also found to be responsible towards calling the physician’s office for refilling prescriptions, sterilizing and cleaning instruments and dispensing bottles, transport medications, delivery drug devices, answer questions pertaining to non-drug products and carry various other pharmacy devices to clinics and nursing units from the pharmacy. Aspiring candidates should undertake the comprehensive d-pharma course only from reputed colleges to earn their certification.

How to get a job?

The pharmacy technicians are to have valid and current certification in National Pharmacy to work as pharmacy technicians in the different medical units spread across the country. The need for qualified and experienced pharmacy technicians is only increasing with time due to need for better and increased demand for good medical facilities. Some technical or vocational colleges, proprietary schools, community colleges and few hospitals are known to offer students with formal education programs. It is inclusive of internships to help students gain experience with regards to actual pharmacies.


For pursuing the career of a pharmacy technician, the person has to qualify the licensing examination. He should be able to answer queries of patients and properly guide them to getting quick relief. It is Pharmacy Technician Certification Board that will issue certifications to the qualified candidates in the form of CPhT (Certified Pharmacy Technicians). The examinations are conducted at different centres all over the country. Few employers are present who can offer hands-on training to eligible candidates and recruit as pharmacy technicians.
Things to follow

The pharmacy technicians are required to make sure that their patients understand clearly and follow the instructions given by them. They need to have precise communication. The technicians are also expected to be knowledgeable with regards to the effects of the different types of medicines, and if such drugs and medicines can be provided to the patients or not.

Attending the best college imparting science classes will help the person to prepare in a better manner to avail the much coveted Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) degree. Also are desirable courses in chemistry, biology, mathematics, science and physics. Candidates having excellent verbal and written communication skills are preferred. The first step towards pursuing the degree in pharmacy is to have comprehensive and balanced college and high school education, especially in subjects like science and maths.

Roles and responsibilities

 Extended care facility pharmacy and nursing home: They help review the patient charts to ensure correct drug interactions, dosages, side effects or adverse reactions.

 Industrial pharmacy: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, the pharmacists can work in R&D, medication testing in several sectors. They will require having an additional degree like Ph.D or master’s degree.

They also have roles to play in community pharmacy and enjoy advanced pharmacy careers.

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