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Deep Web Facts That You Should Know

The deep web is a hidden or dark part of the internet where you can find a lot of illegal stuff and our standard search engines like google can’t access deep web. If you want to know about deep web facts then you are in the right place as today we will be taking a look at the best deep web facts.

Deep web is filled with illegall hidden services onion links and activities and we highly recommend you to stay away from these illegal activities.

Best deep web facts

  • There are lot of government-related information that you can find on the deep web. This information is about the government project and even you can even find information regarding world wars and aliens on the deep web. This kind of information is very hard to find but you can definitely get to know about these things after doing a good amount of research.
  • You can find a lot of banned movies and books on the deep web that is not available for normal people. These books/movies may contain nudity, brutal scenes or something that government doesn’t want us to know. You can read/watch these things on the deep web.
  • Not only illegal things are sold on the deep web markets. There are many weird things that are being sold on the deep web. There was a seller on the web who was selling a pill called “wish pill”. The seller claims that after eating the pill you have to make a wish and it will come true. There are some seller who sell grocery items too on the deep web which is another weird thing. The most scariest thing that you can buy on deep web is a soul which is stored in a bottle.
  • In 2008, there was a hacker who hacked a drug selling website and bought some drugs from the website for free. When the owner of the website got to know about this. He sent the drugs on the address with fbi agents. Those fbi agents arrested the hacker and put him behind the bars.
  • You must be wondering that if guns, drugs, credit cards and other illegal services like hitman hiring are being sold on deep web then why government closes such websites. The truth is that USA government and sweden government funds the deep web which is the most weirdest part and it means that even the government supports these illegal activities on the deep web.
  • Tor browser is the only way to access the deep web as normal search engines are not capable of accessing deep web.
  • There are some scary things that you can buy on deep web. Such things includes souls, books on “how to cook humans”. (This is the most irritating and weird thing about deep web).
  • Not only criminals but journalists also use deep web to know about the government.

These were some of the interesting facts about the deep web. We don’t recommend you to access the deep web as it has some really scary and ugly content which you won’t like.

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