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What is an Expert Evidence? How Court Expert Helps You

The main function of the court expert is basically to express about his opinion. The opinion is not just independent but also free of any biases.

Who is a witness?

A witness is basically someone who gives some evidence to the court. There can be two types of the witnesses which are as follows;

  • Witness of fact
  • Witness of opinion

Witness of fact

The witness of fact basically gives the evidence that is based on the facts. In such a witness, there is no role of the opinions.

Witness of opinion

An expert witness who basically provides his evidence in the form of opinions. He gives his opinion which is based on is expertise.

Expert Witness

If someone has the knowledge regarding a particular field, he can become an expert witness. Such a person has knowledge that is beyond that of the layman that is why he is able to give his opinion in the court of the law. He provides the evidence based on his opinion and expertise as well.

An expert witness is not an adviser!

People must not confuse the expert witnesses with the adviser. both of them are different. Basically, the expert witness is appointed by any party so that he can assist the party in the formulation of the defense.

What does an Expert Witness do?

  • The expert witness provides the court with his independent opinion about the matter that is under consideration. he will be dealing with his area of expertise that is why his opinion will be honoured and considered. The instructions provided by the expert witness are seen not only by the opposite party but by the court of the law as well.
  • The opinion provided by the expert witness is basically in the form of a report or it could be anything that is required by the court. The report is asked for from the witness because the evidence cannot be considered without a report.
  • The expert witness makes sure that the evidence that has been provided to the court is following all the rules and regulations of the court.
  • The expert witness makes sure that reporting is proceeding while following the rules and regulations of the court
  • He provides the evidence without lying in it at all. all the evidence provided are rue and independent of any biases.

Experts do not

  • Provide an opinion that is beyond the area of their expertise
  • Give any sort of advice because they are not the advisors about the witnesses
  • Accept any appointment that has the ability to create a conflict
  • Act as a delegate or a negotiator. All they do is present the witness which is free, independent and true.
  • Accept the success fees before the case has come to an end
  • Argue with anyone regarding the case.

The expert witnesses need to be very careful while providing the evidence because anything that he says should not be a lie or else he will be held responsible for it. For more information visit here :

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