Explore The Usage Of MacAfee Antivirus

Explore The Usage Of MacAfee Antivirus

McAfee, the American global computer security software company, has become quite popular for the range of its digital security tools developed for personal computers and server devices. Some of its popular products include McAfee VirusScan, IntruShield, McAfee E-Business Server, McAfee SiteAdvisor etc. Off late it has also started developing security services for mobile phones which are becoming equally popular.


  1. Easy interface- Being a popular choice for users for a long time, McAfee softwares usually has an easy to use interface. They are provided with user manuals which guide the users about installation and use of the respective software.
  1. Durability- McAfee software justify their name with their performance. They do everything which good antivirus software is expected to do. Features like McAfee’s WebAdvisor service provide added advantage. It can block phishing attempts, correct mistyped URLs and it also scans potentially dangerous downloads.
  1. Multiple devices- A single software can protect multiple devices of the user.This includes laptop, tablet, mobile etc. Only a single subscription is needed for the purpose.
  1. Personal firewall- McAfee softwares come with a personal firewall which provides customized protection. It blocks suspicious incoming internet traffic and malicious applications. It also monitors the information travelling between devices on your network.
  1. Anti spam protection- McAfee’s anti spam protection includes protection against phishing, anti spyware and anti spam filtering. This prevents spyware from infecting the users’ devices and also prevents unsolicited emails from reaching the inbox.
  1. Family features –McAfee’s chat support software allows you to manage the content that can be viewed or blocked according to your needs. It also allows you to control the screen time specifically for children. Search filter can be set up to exclude the inappropriate content from showing up. 
  1. Support and maintenance – McAfee offers round the clock support and guidance to the users. The users can choose to call the customer care representative using the contact number given on the website, or they can drop an email on the respective site. To offer a one on one experience online, McAfee Official Chat Support is a good option.
  1. McAfee Gold Support- McAfee’s gold support is a wonderful feature that lets the user make most of the software. It allows the user to avail unlimited global support and assistance. McAfee gold support makes sure that your device is protect, up and running no matter what your location is.

McAfee Gold Support lets the user stay secure with all the latest versions of the software and daily updates of anti- virus signature files. The virtual assistant resolves common issues ad for personal support full phone access is provided.

It lets you have phone access to support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also avail the services in local languages at reasonable costs. The unlimited phone support lets you reach support technicians certified with high-skill security qualifications. Regular updates are provided for open cases. Remote debugging and reconfiguration tools are also available for rapid resolution of faults.

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