Five Careers In Healthcare Do Not Require Higher Education

Five Careers In Healthcare Do Not Require Higher Education

If you are interested to get into the healthcare domain but are concerned about continuous education, here are five careers that will suit you in health care.

Healthcare is one of the sectors that give a lot of employment and career opportunities. However, the thing that prevents some individuals from getting into this domain is the requirement of continuous education. For instance, doctors will have to keep themselves continuously educated and even they should opt for higher education courses for the betterment of their career. Even, it is a requirement in most parts of the world that doctors should continue their education. If you are interested in this domain but would like to keep away from higher education, here are the five choices suggested by the career counsellor Mr Mukesh Maheshwari:

  1. Audiologist:

If you become an audiologist once, you will be using devices to test the hearing ability of patients. You will be treating patients with a wide range of hearing problems. Even, you will handle balancing issues like tinnitus, vertigo, etc. The good thing about this profession in health care is that it does not require you to do any higher education. Most importantly, pay is also good.

  1. Occupational Therapist:

When you take up career as an Occupational therapist, you will work with different groups of professionals. Even, they assist kids and adults to recover from an illness. Even, you will be handling kids with the disability of developing skills required for everyday activities. Working with such kids is really service oriented and you need not have to worry about higher education and certifications once you become an occupational therapist.

  1. Speech-Language Pathologist:

Speech Language Pathology yet another allied medical field that is growing as pathologists treat a number of people. They deal with swallowing and communication disorders with patients. For instance, patients with developmental delay and even patients recovering after a stroke get treated from speech-language pathologists. Once you gain your qualification, you need not have to go for any higher education in this specialisation.

  1. Pharmacy technicians:

As a pharmacy technician, you will play a major role in pharmacies, which are closely connected with healthcare domain. You will help medical professionals and patients to get the medicine they look for. You will generally work full-time as a pharmacy technician. This is a position that is paid well in foreign countries as well. Without the requirement of any higher education, this can be a suitable career choice for you.

  1. Genetic Counsellor:

Even though this is a position that is not common in India, most foreign countries and hospitals therein hire genetic counsellors. As a genetic counsellor, you will be spending your days evaluating and counselling patients and their family members on inherited or genetic conditions like cystic fibrosis, Down Syndrome, etc. This is a position that does not require any higher education.


Not just your career options in the health care domain, you can get the right guidance about improving your health from our portals and respectively. You can choose one of the career choices mentioned above if you do not want to go for higher education. However, if you wish to continue to grow in your career, higher education will surely help.

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