Five Reasons To Try Unisex Perfume

When we think of a perfume, what comes to our senses is the dominance of floral scents. In fact, surveys revealed that even though fragrance market is controlled by female scents, 70%of women prefer perfume with a kick of masculinity in the formulation.

When you buy perfume, it is better to choose your personal scent because this can double the attraction to the opposite sex. A woman’s scent can instantly increase the testosterone level of a man.

How about, if you are a man or a woman who wants to go neutral, you might consider buying a unisex perfume as a part of a gift basket. Here are five reasons why you should try them:

The formulation

The formulation is a perfect balance, not over powering sweetness and floral and not a strong and heavy musk. The blend is right just in the middle. A little kick of sweetness, citrus, spice, wood or musk is present. It is like Yin and Yang just to illustrate.

Additional intimacy

As a couple, we all love our partner’s choice of scent. If we miss them, we can spray some of their scent on our pillow or clothes to keep the attraction even far from each other. A gorgeous way of reminiscing him all day long!

It’s rich not strong

The intensity of fragrance is awesome. Unisex perfume has the ability to stick on the skin. You can smell it all throughout the day without a touch up. If you buy a middle priced up to high priced branded unisex perfume, it will give more than you expect.

It is trendy

Even if you know a friend or a person, it is hard to choose the scent of perfume to give them. The world of perfume market is adapting to a more unisex formulation for practicality and generality. It will not only make your friends and relatives happy perfumes in the cabinet that might end up in the dumpsters.

Here are some of the most trusted and popular perfumes in the market:

  • Calvin Klein CK ALL

For many years, the company has been focusing unisex fragrances. With brand’s latest release you can still sense the original fresh, citrus notes of mandarin and citrus blossom.

  • Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne

Women might think that Jo Malone is designed for ladies when it fact Jo Malone’s colognes are designed to be unisex. This universally popular blend remains a favorite for its fresh and fruity aroma.

  • Tom Ford Orchid Eau De Parfum

A classic scent liked by many men and women. The unisex blend of dark florals and purest fruity notes such as truffle and beragamot makes the smell more prominent and reminiscent.

  • Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Cypress

If you are looking for deep neutrality, this is the one for you. The stunning scent of gender neutrality was intensified by lingering base of cypress and cedar with sharp kick of Sicilian lemon and beragamot as top notes.

  • Laboratory Perfumes Amber

This genderless scent is worthy of investment.  Perfume designed both for men and women. They might be a newbie in the market but is performing very well.

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