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Future Movements Have Taken By Robert Simonds to Make STX Entertainment As Next Major Studio In Hollywood

Already STX captured the place of great film Production Company in Hollywood. This film production has crossed a million profits. Now, Robert Simonds, TPG Growth, Gigi Pritzker and Chinese concern Hony Capital planned to make the new revolution.

That is the launching of a next-generation film studio. The purpose of creating this studio is to increase the release of films by using the strategy to finance, produce and self-distribute eight to 10 star-driven films each year. The process to entail this studio has been partially made which also includes the home video, pay and other necessary support in film production. The overall amount invested in this studio is of $1B which is a previous investment.

History of STX development:

Starting from the first film itself STX Entertainment invests $20 million to $80 million to make top actors films. The renovation of this process made Simonds work intensively to place STX in the top.

After the production of several films Robert Simonds and his partners TPG Growth, Gigi Pritzker, China’s equity firm Tencent and Hongkong based PPCW and many other decided to release studio which will hold the value of $1 billion for 5 years of time the gateway Can Robert Simonds make STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood perfectly established.

Step by step Bob expanded the scale of movie numbers that are in the year 2014 he planned to release 8-10 movies a year. Then in 2015, he started to release 12-15 movies for each year this decision has been made by the coordination of Huayi’s Brother along with the film production finance, and distribution is included.

At present deals:

In the year of 2017 Simonds declared the production of 15 films per year through the China-based equity firm, Hony Capital made an investment of $1 billion in Hollywood film production. The top-rated theatres of North America include AMC, Cinemark, Carmike, Regal had the contract with STX for direct distribution.

On 2015 STX joined hands with Showtime Networks so the premium television window which will telecast the films is Showtime only this will come in practice in 2019. Later in 2015, he has made some agreement over the Universal Pictures Home Entertainment for production.

Now, Robert focused on different platforms through the funds of Initial Public Offering by this he will remake his production company on numerous Media like social media, virtual reality, multimedia and many more. Even the STX Entertainment has reached to peak but the problems raised on creating the new studio are huge. Since most of the Hollywood films will be impacted by a perfect plan but while executing it will create a more clumsy loss.

Several production companies are only remained as names they not even have recognition. By the release of the films like Cheaper by the Dozen, and Pink Panther and Waterboy, STX Entertainment has reached the top level since through its comedy family movies it attracts all the peoples and fans.


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