GMAT Superpower: Everything you need to know

You want to know to secret? All graduate business schools across the US know that you are serious about earning a degree, if you take the GMAT test. Yes, that’s right! The GMAT or the Graduate Management Admission Test makes you stand out from the hundreds of students sprawling in the Universities. The GMAT is conducted by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC). It is a 3 hour 7 minutes exam comprising of 80 questions. Assessments include Analytical Written Assessments, Integrated Reasoning and Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning. The GMAC conducts this admissions exam throughout the world. It currently has 600 centers in more than 114 countries like Canada, USA, Australia and Singapore and in many other international business schools.

Structure of GMAT exam

The GMAT exam is formulated to measure the skill of the applicant. It is a computer adaptive test and not computer based; which means that the difficulty level of your questions will depend on the answers of the earlier sections of the exam. If the applicant answers incorrectly, the difficulty levels increases. But, if a student answers 90% of the questions correctly, their difficulty level decreases as they move forward with the examination.

As mentioned earlier there are four parts in the GMAT exam – Analytical Written Assessments, Integrated Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. For the first two sections 30 minutes are allotted to each candidate. For the last two sections 65 minutes are allotted to each. Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning consists of multiple choice questions, but one cannot change or turn back to the previous questions. Once it has been answered by the candidate, it locks down.

All candidates are given two breaks of 8 minute each. The candidate can take this break anytime during the exam.

Fun Facts of GMAT Exam

  • For over 50 years GMAT has been the popularly taken admission test for MBA courses.
  • 9 out of 10 MBA enrollments are done through a GMAT.
  • 2 million candidates across the world take the GMAT exam every year.
  • 7000 Masters and MBA program prefer a GMAT score from the applicants.
  • Over 2500 schools across the world use GMAT format.
  • Over 114 countries are known to participate in the GMAT exam.
  • There are 650 testing centers across the globe who administers the GMAT exam.
  • GMAT exam can be taken 5 times by an applicant over a period of 12 months.

Gmat classes in Mumbai

The gmat classes in Mumbai are unlike any other gmat clasees in India. It pushes a candidate to test and develop its higher reasoning capabilities. It uses effective learning tools like lectures, methodological study exercises and verbal exercises. The best part of the gmat classes in Mumbai is that each student is given individual preference and attention. The tutors make sure to target the weaknesses of individual and making them more confident and skilled at their effort. You also get to practice previous year questions and mock papers to advance your skill. To top it up, the timing of these classes are also flexible, so that anyone anytime can join in!

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