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Guidelines to Follow When Hiring a Family Law Solicitor

People think that only those that go looking for a law firm, either run the business or have gotten into trouble with the law. One might seek help of a family lawyer more often than people think. Few of the reasons could be challenging an insurance settlement, sorting dispute with the employer, obtaining child’s custody, divorce, etc.

If your case falls under last two and following areas then you need family lawyers. They are the one who will guide you the right way.

  • Divorce, annulment or legal separation
  • Adoption
  • Children custody
  • Children protection
  • Children support arrangements
  • Grandparent’s rights
  • Division of property and other valuable asset
  • Finance and possession
  • Pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement
  • Spousal support
  • Parenting arrangements (relocation, residence and visitation)
  • Breaches and contraventions of parenting arrangements
  • Breaches and contraventions of property and spousal support arrangement
  • Domestic violence, child or other abuse
  • Restraining orders
  • Paternity suits

The above list is an inclusive one as there can be other matters that are associated with it or revolving around it. However, in case you decide to go with the option of hiring a family lawyer then do keep following points in mind: –

  • You are under no pressure or have no obligation that you have to go with the first family lawyer you will meet. Of course, you should meet various lawyers and keep your options open, select the one who understand your situation and fits the bill.
  • While hiring the family solicitor make sure he or she has the requisite knowledge of your area. You will not be doing any good for yourself by hiring an attorney who does not have experience in the area in which you need help.
  • You should be entitled to extra customer service from the family law firm. After, all it is the right of the client to get help in paperwork, information gathering, etc. Do ask about it with the firm.
  • You must also discuss the legal fee. Find out if there is any hidden cost involved.

If you seek to consult Brisbane family lawyers then New Way Lawyers is the firm for you. It is a non-profit family law firm that provides legal service to the low-income group or poor people who cannot afford to hire private family lawyers. New Way believes no one should not be denied justice on any basis none the less money. With the motive to help people in seeking justice, it has been established in Australia. It is first of its kind in the country.

The team of lawyers at the firm is responsible and highly skilled. They will provide you with expert information and the right advice. They will let you know about your rights, responsibilities and authority in your case. They will prepare the documents for you; represent you in court, trials and hearings. Counseling will be done and you will get legal advice pertaining to the safety of the children. The organization practices in the key areas of family law and for further information on services, attorneys, etc visit

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