How to Dust, Clean and Polish Wood Furniture

How to Dust, Clean and Polish Wood Furniture

While thinking of how to clean wood furniture, you need to first identify & understand what exact type of wood you’re working with. There’re a ton of different types of wood that are used on furniture. For sure, they all need to be cleaned at some point. But keep in mind, all of these need to be cleaned in different ways using different cleaning products.

For instance; you can’t do a bunch of splashes on the unsealed wooden furniture. You must clean using the damp-dust method only. On the flip side, other types of wood might need more usage of products – whether commercial or DIY. Before you get into understanding the dusting and cleaning process, just check out these useful tips for general care of wooden furniture;

  • Make sure you do dusting in the direction of the grain and be consistent with this as it will help hold onto distinctive patterns in the wood.
  • While you can use any soft cloth, but the microfibers cloth scoop up & hang onto dust. This way, you don’t shift it somewhere else.
  • Try going easy on the spray polish. With the passage of time, polish residue might dull the wood. Avoid using too much of the spray as a little spray is just fine. If you like that polish smell too much, get an air freshener and give it a break.

And without further ado, let’s dive in for how to dust, clean and polish;

How to Dust Wood?

Try keeping up with a weekly dusting schedule as it helps shift the filmy layer of airborne deposits building up over time & can even scratch the wooden surface of your furniture.

Dampen a piece of a microfiber cloth with water & wipe the surface gently. Due to moisture, it’ll be easy to collect the dust & prevent any flyaway dust particles.

Next up! Dust up the rest. You can use the feather dusters as well. To get into tight spaces & carving, use a clean paintbrush or perhaps vacuum nozzles.

How to Clean Wood?

Unless the wooden furniture has the plastic coating – the protectant, make sure you don’t clean it with water or cleaning products. If you tend to use these, strictly follow the instructions mentioned on the label. If you aren’t sure of how strong the product is, try testing it on an unnoticeable area first. And when it comes to cleaning and removing stains;

  • You can target the grease/sticky spots with a gentle cleaning solution of soap or perhaps mild detergent dissolved in the water. Make sure to use the clean, damp cloth to treat the affected spot.
  • Once you successfully remove the mark, just rinse it carefully & wipe it using a dry cloth.

With this simple technique as per professional maids in Dubai, you can also get rid of stubborn stains like watermarks and alcohol spots. In severe cases, you might need a stronger solution like polish. In case the furniture has a finish, check out the manufacturer’s guidelines to pick the suitable polishing products.

Insider Tip for Polishing!

Polishing the wood furniture is a protective measure that must be done once or twice a year. Don’t use the commercial polish spray or wax on some fragile or antique wooden items. If you tend to do so, refer the manufacturer’s guideline and test it on a small inconspicuous area first.


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