How to Handle Truck Accidents and Make Your Claim Legally

How to Handle Truck Accidents and Make Your Claim Legally

Facing a heavy truck accident would be very scary and it’s quite different from that of a car accident. Irrespective of the size of the truck it’s always a different scenario for handling the case. As it is more common for these heavy trucks to cause accidents, truck companies always ensure to employ a rapid response team of lawyers.

Immediately when there is an accident they have caused, the team of lawyers starts thinking on various ways of defending the case.

Sometimes it’s even possible that these lawyers would reach the scene where a serious truck accident occurred before the police can arrive and try to avoid liability of accident which their truck drivers have caused. It’s always better to choose a reliable and genuine truck injury attorney from The Groth Law Firm who can be with you and help in any such legal issues that might arise in future.

   Way to handle the situation:

  1. Be calm and assist the injured: it’s always better to call to ambulance whenever you witness an accident if anyone is injured and never move the injured person unless it’s mandatory and there is no other option left.
  2. Call the police: immediately call to the police whenever there is an accident and even though the truck driver insists that he will pay for the damage which he has caused.
  3. Injuries to be documented: though it’s a minor injury or damage always make a note of it regarding the detailed injuries that you are facing. This is because sometimes these minor injuries might turn out to be serious one over a period of time. These things have to be noted so that you would get the complete claim from auto insurance companies.
  4. Note down every small aspect of the accident: documentation of the accident is very important as the driver might later make up a story that would be in his favor. Make a note of the following details:
  • Injuries that you have got at the truck accident.
  • Location of the accident.
  • Any eyewitness name as well as their phone number.
  • The date and time at which the accident has taken place.
  • Explanation about how the accident has occurred.
  • Number plates of vehicles which have been involved in the accidents.
  • Other driver statements.
  • Names of various police officers who have reached the spot.
  • Other details of the various drivers who are involved in the accident.
  • Whether the driver is on the influence of alcohol or any kind of drug etc.
  1. Photographs of the scene: make sure to take the photographs of the vehicle which has been damaged, the truck accident victim who was injured, various marks on the road which have been due to the accident etc.
  2. Speak to a lawyer: immediately speak to a reliable and professional lawyer from The Groth Law Firm who can help you in this regard.

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