How To Match Your Bangles With Your Dress Online

How To Match Your Bangles With Your Dress Online

Let us all admit, one of the biggest hassles to dressing up is customizing your dress with your accessories. While selecting things online, the factor of choice creates all the more hassles as coming to a decision becomes very difficult. Moreover, jewelry being our biggest ensemble, we are too keen on finding the right ones for the perfect occasion and clothing. What is most important is to first determine what occasion you are dressing for. Who are the onlookers, what the occasion demands and how much to spend on that are important factors to be kept in mind? It is a huge hassle for women all over the world to make the perfect closet choice. Listed below are ways how to lessen the frustration of making the right choice and smoothly customizing your wardrobe.

Try to keep it light and simple

Firstly, the occasion is the prime factor you need to keep in mind. Dangling wrist or neck jewelry might create added hassles if what you are looking for is something to wear to work. A long gold chain might look too tacky for office-wear. You might want to go for less ornamented wrist-wear. Hang a bracelet or too. So while selecting your jewelry, keeping in mind such factors helps to a great extent. The dress you select for the purpose should match the jewelry, simply. So surely if the choice of clothing for your party-wear is the little black dress, your choice of jewelry shouldn’t include that heavy ornate necklace you wore to the last wedding.

Have an eye for pattern in dressing

The immediate next factor is to match the pattern of your clothing with the pattern of jewelry you intend to wear. Loud patterns on clothing paired with ornate jewelry can prove to be non-appealing. Similarly busy prints and wild jewelry can become gaudy a little too fast. For example, while considering office wear, go for solid bracelets or bangles, a simple watch, studded earrings instead of too gaudy looking ones. Also keep in mind the nature of the fabric and material of your clothing. If the stitch is heavy or the fabric is ruffled, heavy ornate jewelry can come off as equally loud and tacky. If your clothing is simple then pairing it with that heavy dangler or a Gold bangles in 10 grams be the ideal choice.

Select the items that go best with your body

The ornaments you choose should go with your body and facial shape and structure. Jewelry can be selected to highlight the parts of your face and body you wish to make the star of the game. By playing down the rest of the attire, that particular feature can be emphasized. For instance if you want to flaunt hat slender sleek wrist, you can go for an elegant looking bracelet or a thin gold bangle and there it goes.  You can pair your clothing up with ones that have sleek sets of stones fitted onto them. Jewelry complimenting your skin tone can also be the perfect fit. Also, make it a point to note the color of your wardrobe. Warmer jewelry with cooler colors and vice versa can be the perfect game setter of the day.

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