Importance Of Climatic Test Chamber In Enhancing The Quality Of Products

What is a climatic test chamber?

Climatic chamber or environmental chamber is an enclosed structure utilized to test the possible effects of environment conditions on industrial products, biological items, electronic devices, accessories and materials. This kind of climatic test chamber can be utilized for the following:

  • To test the effect of specified environmental conditions on test specimens
  • Creating environmental conditions for testing specimens
  • Preparing test specimens for conducting further chemical and physical tests

How it works?

The climatic chamber artificially reproduces conditions that a machinery, device, material or component is likely to be exposed to. The chamber is also used for speeding up the effects of environmental exposure and at times creates conditions that are not expected actually. It is conducted in a controlled setting and Thermal shock testing and climatic chamber testing are part of the testing. Chamber testing is only the broad term used for conducting tests that involve different climate simulation and exposure to excessive ambient conditions.

Thermal shock testing on the other hand is used for how materials will react under extreme weather conditions such as extremely hot or cold conditions. The tests last mostly for very short period of time such a few seconds.

Some of the simulated conditions for testing will include

  • Very high temperatures
  • Temperature variations, sudden and extreme or thermal shock
  • Relative humidity or moisture
  • Altitude
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Electrodynamic vibrations
  • Salt spray
  • Rain
  • Cyclic corrosion testing
  • Weathering
  • Vacuum
  • Sun exposure, causing ultra violet degradation

Operating principles and importance of the climate test chamber

Have you ever come across the experience of having bought a product which became defective within a few weeks or the first time it was used? If so, it might have happened due to the product was not tested under external elements such as high temperature, vibrations, humidity and other above mentioned factors. Usually we hear conversations like offering reliability and quality when it comes to making a product stand apart from the rest. A climatic chamber manufacturer takes these things in to consideration while making a chamber testing unit so it gives accurate detail of what a product or component is capable of withstanding.

In the world market commodities are sold to remote corners of the sphere. Here it is essential that your product is designed to consider the above factors. The product has to live up to different environmental conditions and changes and they could be extremely colder or warmer. There are the factors of salt corrosion and several other factors to be taken into consideration because they may have adverse affect on the quality of your product.

Depending on your product and manufacturing processes you shall need install environment testing chamber/chambers in your facility so it is tested for different conditions and changes. Installing climate chambers will go long way to establish the quality of your products and also enhance your market presence to a different level. This will immensely help build your brand and single it out from other brands producing similar products.

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