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Introducing Sabang Sail Means to Promote International World

Indonesia has been known through its cultures and artwork. In addition, the beauty of the nature from this country always offers the visitor the convenience to stay. There is a new project called Sabang Sail. Sabang Sail Means to Promote International World about one of the prettiest things coming from Indonesia. Sabang Sail is perfectly located in Sabang Aceh. It is the northwest part of Indonesia that is more familiarly known as the first island that shows Indonesian geography. If you like to travel around the world, do not forget to spare your time and have a visit in this area. You will see how incredible it is to visit one of new attractions of nature coming from this maritime country.  Actually, this project is the 9th part of the Legs of Sail Indonesia series. It is supported by the government for better improvement of the country in worldwide eyes. Sail Indonesia is actually the way from the government to introduce and preserve the life of nature especially as the maritime nation. It has been known that Indonesia is rich of beautiful views especially about its seas and shores.

If you want to join this event, please make sure you that you do not have any activities on 28 November to 5 December 2017. It is the time for the country releases the event and conducts it in any kinds of programs. This event will be definitely amusing. You will not be able to miss the government programs that offer the beauty of nature. It does not only show you about the seas and its beauty but how to make sure Indonesia can preserve more natural resource. Indonesia government that decides to make this event has an aim to improving their country in the field of tourism. You may see this Indonesia Sabang Sail Means to Promote International World, so exciting and interesting. You can even join some competition related to diving and other water sports. The enthusiasm from the country and the people are high. It can be predicted that this event will be full of fun.

Therefore, you need to have a visit in this 2017. There are some reasons actually that make you sure to not miss this event.

  1. It is one of the biggest festivals to attend in Indonesia. After some series of event before, this Sabang Sail event has been designed as well for everyone.
  2. The event will be started by some traditional dances coming from the Indonesian and it is followed by some parade. It includes the parade of traditional ship by the fisherman in Sabang, and the toll ship parade that is very much interesting.
  3. This event is also attended by several countries. It includes India, Thailand, Singapura, and Malaysia. As the Project Sabang Sail Means to Promote International World, you may not be worried about the visit.
  4. It is one of the ways to know Indonesia more even through its festival and nature. So, do not hesitate to visit.

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