Investing in a warehouse or Outsourcing an e-commerce fulfillment for 3PL, which is the better option?

Investing in a warehouse or Outsourcing an e-commerce fulfillment for 3PL, which is the better option?

When an online business evolves, the owner needs a revaluation of logistics strategy quite often. Once you grew to a particular point, you have to make a choice. This choice is between going for a warehouse, hiring someone for fulfilling the orders or seeking a third-party. This third-party is the outsourcing for fulfillment of orders. As we all know there are two angels for everything. So, one must figure out all the pros and cons before making a right decision. 

Which choice is better? Owning a warehouse or using a 3PL for fulfillment of e-commerce.

The answer to this question (3PL for fulfillment of e-commerce) is a very neutral thing. The right or wrong choice completely depends on the needs of the business and its owner. However, a list of benefits or losses could be figured out for the best judgement.

Having a warehouse of your own, what are the profits?

There are a number of benefits of owning a warehouse and some of them are as follows-

The control is in your hands-

When you complete the fulfillment without any outsourcing you are the complete boss. This means everything is in under your control the way of storing items, picking, packaging and shipping etc. If you could manage fulfillment by yourself or someone from your team does, the ball is in your court. Now when your fulfillment issue could be resolved within the business house, there is nothing to worry about.

You can also provide the packaging that may gain attention

If you are offering a unique packaging on every order, there are chances that 3PLs may not handle that well. You know the level of customization you are offering in the package, the third party may not get it. In addition to that they will also make a bill with good numbers. On the other hand while packaging yourself you get the flexibility as well as freedom. Selling the products with attractive packaging may turn out to be a big yes for the business growth.

Advantages of outsourcing from 3PL Company: The other side of coin

As we have already discussed the pros of owning a warehouse let’s move further to discuss outsourcing benefits.

The cost of investment is brought down-

When there is someone to look for a work like fulfillment a lot of burden is lessen from your shoulders. The plan, budget as well as execution everything will be taken care of by a team of professionals.

Now, when you know benefits of both the choices, you can finally make the right choice. Just ask yourself a question, which option is more beneficial for the business? And you get the answer you can clearly make your choice. There are many good companies that outsource fulfillment in a very professional way. Along with that when you are good at planning as well as its execution you can simply do it in your way. Make your move, wisely.

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