Is Head Oiling Helpful for You?

Is Head Oiling Helpful for You?

Your hair gives you a look that not just enhances your appearance but also boosts your confidence. How often do you take out some time to evaluate your hair care and the pattern you are following to keep your hair style good and effective?

In taking care of your hair, one thing that can play a pivotal role is Hair oil. You can use oil to make your hair healthy, strong, relaxed and shiny. You know oiling hair is suggested as a blanket solution for every single thing from lifeless locks, harmed ends to stress relief.  There is possibility that you might have received this piece of hair advice from so many of people.   Well, what they say is not wrong. If you do oiling your hair, you can attain amazing benefits and relaxation for sure. But make sure that you pick right oil for your hair. Where good quality oil can miraculously benefit your hair, wrong oil can hamper the hair health too. So, before you begin with oiling regime, it would be good if you are sure about the oil you use.

Why to use oil?

The oil, by coating your hair, creates a protective layer for the hair shaft. It is mainly useful and effective when people blow -dry their hair and other processes are done to the hair. The hair becomes really brittle and fragile.  Moreover, apart from the product itself, the massaging methods used when applying oil also has perks. It is something that enhances or stimulates the circulation of blood to your scalp, assists to bring the nutrients to your scalp that then works by nurturing and nourishing the hair. And don’t forget a right technique of oiling also work as a stress buster. But yes, make sure that you apply oil in a limited quantity.  You cannot take a chance with your hair care and scalp. If you add up extra oil to your scalp, it messes with the natural oil or water balance on your scalp. The point is if you put or apply extra oil, your body or scalp might stop generating natural oil.

Not a new trend

To apply oil to the hair and scalp is an olden and traditional way to recover the quality and strength of hair.   If you think that people have started oiling their hair now then you are wrong. In earlier times too, people used to oil up their hair regularly so as to strengthen and smoothen them. If you use oil on your hair and scalp, you can enjoy perks like:

  • It is helpful for your hair to grow softer, thicker, and shinier.
  • It is helpful in soothing and bracing the sense organs.
  • It even helps in diminishing facial wrinkles.

Again, if you want to gain the benefits of massaging oil onto your scalp, then it is important that you apply it in the proper way and at the proper time.   It would be good if you oil up your hair before you go to bed and wash it in the morning. However, it can be done as per your convenience and suitability too.


So, when are you going to bring this oiling regime in your life?  Pick right oil for your hair and reap the perks it has stored for your hair care!

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