It’s High Time Recruiters Automate These Recruitment Functions

It’s High Time Recruiters Automate These Recruitment Functions

Let’s accept the fact that recruitment is all about time. The recruiter is expected to close the position as soon as he can. However, the process in itself is very exhausting. First of all, the recruiter finds the suitable profiles, then tries to reach out to them, shortlist and align them for the interview. Not just this he is also expected to maintain a candidate database and manage the active and passive candidates well. Even though automation has invaded in the recruitment arena, recruiters aren’t really willing to use it. Most of them take it as a threat to their jobs. Contrary to this belief, recruitment software is there just to make the process simpler and faster.

So, in this blog, we share three functions that the job responsibilities of a recruiter include and must be automated. Allow the technology to accelerate your recruitment process and see the magic.

  •  Registering a candidate-

The manual, recurring and mundane tasks are the ones that must be automated. If the process involves filling the form manually still, you need to change the same. Using a recruitment software can tackle this task of registering a candidate in the database easily. You would only be required to make a profile of the candidate, share the details with him. After that, the candidate fills the information directly in the software. This benefits the recruiter in more ways than one. First of all, the recruiter doesn’t need to waste his time in reading and entering the data and secondly, there will be no errors. Besides, there will be no duplicacy too.

  • Matching the candidates-

We are sure there must be many referrals that the employees have with them. However, because of the lack of time, you have not updated the same in your CRM. Right? There may be some resumes who are not any more qualified for the position. If that won’t be updated in the CRM, you will end up wasting your time in calling them only to know that they aren’t working in that job profile anymore. However, using recruitment software allows the candidates to fill and update the information on their own. This saves the recruiter’s time in multifarious ways.


  • Sourcing the candidates-

We completely fail to understand why the recruiter’s find recruitment software intimidating. It is there to help you save your precious time. Whenever there is an opening, as a recruiter you are supposed to source the candidates. This is one of the tedious tasks of the job, wherein, you have to scan every resume through your eyes. Why not let HR software or ATS do it for you? On the basis of the qualities, skills, and qualifications you need, the software can show you the top profiles online for the same and also the ones from the database.

Using a recruitment software will help you save time and that time can then be utilized by you to find the best candidate and nurture your candidate relations. Don’t you think, it is high time to automate such administrative tasks?

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