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Kedarkantha Will Give You Real trekking Experience!

Trekking is something that fuels you up.  There are many people who love to go for trekking. If you are one of them then you need to look out for the exciting treks for your exploration and expedition. Of course there are plenty of treks that await you. You can have a thrilling, adventurous and fulfilling experience once you go for them.

Have you ever heard about Kedarkantha trek?  Well, well, endowed with beautiful charm of falling snow and outlined with pine trees, the Kedarkantha Peak is one of the most adored snow trekking destinations in the country. The trip for the gorgeous Kedarkantha peak starts from city of Dehradun. From this city, it is a long drive to Sankri that is situated at a height of 6400 feet and takes about ten hours to reach. It is a distance of two hundred twenty kilometres from Dehradun.

The trekking trip begins from Sankri towards Jadu Ka Talab that is based at 9100 feet and takes nearly 5 hours trekking to reach destination. During this trail you can witness the gorgeousness of luxurious meadows, thick pine forests, flowing beautiful streams and beautiful maple trees.  It might not be known to you that on the Kedarkantha trek, the winter snow sets in around the middle of December and lasts till the third week of April.   You are probable to come across snow once you cross the 10,000 ft mark that lies on the forest floor amidst the pine trees. Once you reach the meadows, a large blanket of white is probable to encircle you in every direction.

It might interest you too that this trek has the prettiest campsites in the Himalayas. Not every trek can boast of the gorgeousness of their campsites the way Kedarkantha trek does. Every single campsite is distinct in its gorgeousness.  Now talking about the drive to Kedarkantha, it takes you via Mussoorie, Nowgaon, and Purola, and of course, Mori before you finally, hit the area of Naitwar. It is a remote road so exquisite that it is one of the most gorgeous drives in Indian Himalayas. Trekkers need to especially look out for the patches after Purola till the base camp.

Then it is a large perk of trekking to Kedarkantha. Right from the Kedarkantha base camp, you are going to see gorgeous 360 degree views of well-known mountain summits. It is awe inspiring. Once you get to the Kedarkantha summit, it would be as if you have touched the sky and every summit is at your eye level. Believe it or not, you are going to get amazing mesmeric views throughout your trek. There is jaw dropping sites that would really make a place in your heart. You can enjoy the thrill and challenges amidst the beauty of nature.

So, if you are up for this exciting, thrilling and adventurous trek; you must go for it. The trek is going to fill you with merriment, rejuvenation and a lot of adventure and thrill.

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