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Ladakh: The Land Of Adventures

Don’t call it a life if you haven’t been to Ladakh. The beautiful terrains of the city catch the imagination of a normal eye. The roads are a wooing factor in the region. The mountains will impress you. The rivers, so beautiful and elegant, are sure to seduce you in its beauty. Typically, there is nowhere quite like Ladakh. Right from sunrise to sunset, and daylight to moonlight – everything looks so mesmerizing in this place. Camping on the mountains is a feeling in itself. Not to forget the majestic sight of the Himalayas. The city comprises a location where two rivers meet. The scene looks more of a kiss. The two rivers are Indus and Zanskar. Ah, there will be a list of moments to cherish in your free time. Make sure you watch them with popcorn on your lap.

If you start listing the best of places in this region, you must be ready with a healthy amount of paper. The place will catch every stretch of attention and your eyes will be left in awe. There is quite nothing in the region which you can write-off. But be sensible when booking the package to visit this dreamland. There are a host of available Ladakh travel packages. Never go for the big names but look for other features. Some of the places that should have a place in your to-do list are:

The Hemis National Park is located in the eastern part of Ladakh. This place has grown up significantly in terms of infrastructure in the last decade. The tourist visits this place in hope of catching a glimpse of the Snow leopard. The national park is home to around 200 Snow leopards. They are more prominently seen in winters. Postpone your trip in case you have planned it in summers. The sight of spotting a Snow Leopard is as breathtaking as it can be.

Pangong Lake is a lake situated in the northern area of Ladakh. It is also known as PangongTso. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the prime locations that attract most no. of tourists towards it. The lake is 5 km. wide at its broadest point. There is a very interesting phenomenon related to the lake which catches the attention of many. Despite the water being saline, the lake freezes completely during winter. Ducks can be seen prominently in this region.

The Chadar Trek is the most popular trail in the Zanskar region of Ladakh. It is also known as Zanskar Gorge. Just over a decade ago, it was the only means of travel in the cold winter months for the locals. It is now a major spot for tourist attraction. If trekking was a prominent reason behind your visit to the city of Ladakh,we have got it covered for you. The Chadar Trek provides you with a solution. But, the Chadar Trek Booking is done about one or two months prior to the visit. This is due to the high demands of people.

The city of Ladakh is for the ones who always look for thrill and adventures in their life. So bring out the teenager in you!

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