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Lengkuas Island, a Pristine Beach The Icon of Belitung

Lengkuas Island, a pristine beach The Icon of Belitung. With a total area of less than one hectare, Lengkuas is situated inside the Sijuk sub-district, Belitung Regency. While it could be small in proportion, nonetheless it delivers a broad range of splendors. This little small island provides idyllic landscape, lush palm trees and astonishing boulders which are great fun to climb on or swim beneath. Lengkuas Island is blessed with an unspoiled beach, turquoise blue waters and unique huge granite boulders, the icon of Belitung beaches, situated north of the village of TanjungBinga in Belitung. Adding to the splendor is the existence of a hundred-year-old lighthouse, which provides a full fascinating view of the island and its environment.

You can reach these distinctive, giant granite clusters by walking around the shallow waters which are no deeper than 1.2 meters. The water is so transparent that the bottom of the sea is visible. Beneath the surface, the waters around the island are filled up with brilliant fish of various sorts, pristine coral reefs, a high number of starfish and much more of the fascinating granite boulders. The reasonably calm and shallow water makes it the perfect location for swimming and snorkeling, while on the beach the fresh breeze will indulge people who put down on the soft white sands.

The pride of Lengkuas Island, however, is the iconic former lighthouse. Built by the Dutch in 1882, it still maintains its principal function today in guiding ships sailing through and out from the island of Belitung. Roughly 50 meters in height, it’s as tall as a 12 story building. While the lighthouse itself is an excellent attribute, the spectacle it provides from the top is spellbinding. Here one may get a full 360-degree view of the fascinating Island and all the wonders that surround it, including the crystal clear waters along with other spreading tiny islands.

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