List of Mosques in Indonesia: The Fabulous Mosques in the Country

Mosques in Indonesia

Do you look for the fabulous mosques that you can visit in your spare time? If you do, it will be so much better for you to figure them out from the List of mosques in Indonesia. This list will definitely give you the important information that you have to know about all the fabulous mosques in the country. So then, it will be so easy for you to find the best mosques that you can explore as well as possible. Thus, in the end, you will find the different and amazing experiences after your visit to the building, which can be from the religious to historical experiences.

Well, in order to make it nicer for you, here are some of the fabulous mosques that can be included in to your List of mosques in Indonesia. They are like:

  • The Great Demak Mosque

The awesome mosque that you have to add to your list is the Great Demak Mosque. This great mosque, which is located in Demak, Center Java, has been one of the most important parts of history of Islam in Java. It is because many people believe that this mosque was the meeting place of the Wali Songo who spread Islam on the island. Aside of that, this particular mosque was actually built by Raden Patah who was the first king of the Demak Kingdom in the 15th century. The design of the building was influenced by the Javanese architecture which can be seen from its roof, pillars, ornaments, and so on. On the simple words, this mosque is an excellent site that proves that religion can blend with the Javanese local culture so perfectly.

  • The Al Akbar Mosque

Then, there is also the Al Akbar Mosque which also commonly known well as the Surabaya Grand Mosque that can be the cool place to visit. This mosque is very popular among the people as the biggest mosque in East Java and also one of the largest mosques in the country as its contraction got finished in 2000. Furthermore, the best point of this building can be found when you pay more attention to its dark green and blue colored dome. The combination of the color can make the dome have the eyes pleasing and fresh look somehow. Then, there are so many U shaped gates which will allow the fresh air to flow naturally. So then, the people will definitely feel comfortable every time they pray there.

After putting it all together, they are some of the fabulous mosques that you can add to the List of mosques in Indonesia that you are going to visit. Basically, each of them will be able to offer you the different and distinctive designs and experiences that you will adore so much. So then, you will never feel disappointed especially when you can really visit those mosques for real. Even, you might always want to go there again and again once you have witnessed their beauty your own self.

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