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Major Types of Damages in Car Tires

If you really want your car to run effectively as well as safely, it’s essential to have your car tires in the good condition. However, there are other variables that are not in your circle of influence and can cause damage to your tires like shoddy repairs, bad weather conditions and the poor road conditions. Most commonly, the tire damage occurs on the sidewall, tire tread and sometimes at the tire bead. So let’s dig in and go a bit deeper into it;


The tire tread is usually meant to have a proper grip on the road. It’s really important to have enough tread on your car tires otherwise your car might not brake properly especially when the weather is wet or snowy. According to the road and travel magazine, you can test your car tire tread through a penny test. Simply place a penny in the tread of your car tyre and just see if you are able to read the writing on that penny or not. If yes then your car tire doesn’t have enough tread on it. If not, then your tires have enough tread to have the safe drive.

Under-Inflation Effect on Tread

In case you, accidently, drive over nails or some other sharp object, it sometimes get embedded in your car tire leave a hole in it. Consequently, it can cause the air to escape. Not having enough air in your car will lead to the braking problem that will eventually cause the tread wear. Usually in this case, the tire is not worn down all over but just one spot is affected. In case you find this type of tread wear, you must check if you brakes are working properly or not.

Over-Inflation Effect on Tread

In case you find the tire tread wearing down in the center means that you have over-inflated your car tire. In that case, you need to use the tire gauge in order to determine the amount of air your tire needs.


Whenever you think of buying a new car tire, you get into a quick flashback of the car tyre price you had to pay earlier in order to buy these tyres. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons as to why you need to be very conscious about your car tire health. So just like the tread, sidewall of your tires is another way through which the puncture can occur. What about cracks then? These can occur due to the weather conditions like excessive exposure to sunlight or heavy rains.

Moreover, the deterioration is likely to occur due to the chemical being used to clean the tires or perhaps due to pressure washer. Ironically, the large cracks on the tires’ sidewalls can also show up if you tire gets overheated due to the lacks of air in it. Therefore, it’s important for you to make sure you take good care of your tire’s sidewall in order to enhance the longevity of your car tires. So, instead of worrying about car tyre price, choose branded tires!

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